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Signs of Fraud Against Seniors

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Watch out for fraud against seniors with home care services in Altamonte Springs, FL

According to studies that have been done as many as 25 million seniors are the victims of fraud each year. Scammers target seniors because they believe that seniors will be easy to confuse and to convince to give out important personal information. And often seniors do fall for scams that are designed to target them. They may not report the fraud because they are embarrassed. They also might not even realize they’ve been the victim of a scam until it’s too late. Home care services can help protect seniors from devious scams.

Common Scams

Some of the most common scams that target seniors in Altamonte Springs, FL are: Health care scams that convince seniors to give out their personal information like their social security number by promising seniors that they will do all the billing to Medicare for the senior if the senior provides their personal information.

Prescription drug scams that promise seniors low prices on the prescription drugs that they take every day. With the cost of prescriptions skyrocketing many seniors can’t afford the live saving meds they need, and they fall for a scam that promises the same drugs at a lower price. Often the drugs are knock off and very unsafe. Home care services can help seniors stay safe by making sure that the prescription drugs that they are taking are legitimate drugs and in the correct dose.

Another common scam is for a caller to pretend to be a loved one of the senior like a grandchild or cousin who needs help and needs the senior to give out their credit card information to provide emergency assistance.

Home Care Services Provides Protection for Seniors

The best way to protect your senior loved one from becoming a victim of a scam is to make sure that you tell them never to give out their personal information on the phone or online. And a home health aide from home care services can also help seniors by taking phone calls for them and helping them use the computer to make sure that they don’t give out personal information.

If your senior falls victim to fraud, the best thing to is to call their bank company and cancel any debit or credit cards linked to the stolen account. You should reset the personal identification number, too. If you’re worried about your senior loved one in Altamonte Springs, FL falling victim to scammers that prey on seniors call Comfort Keepers today to find out more about how home care services can help your senior loved one avoid getting scammed.