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Seniors & Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss in seniors and help from caregiver services from Comfort Keepers in Altamonte Springs, FL

Hearing Loss is a very common sign of aging and it affects millions of seniors every year. Caregivers from caregiver services can be a big help to seniors that are experiencing hearing problems. It can be lonely and isolating for seniors who find themselves having trouble hearing or communicating with others. But having a dedicated caregiver from caregiver services can help seniors by making sure they understand what people are saying and making it easier for them to navigate errands like shopping or going to the doctor.

Age-Related Hearing Loss Affects Millions of Seniors

It is estimated from a WHO study completed in 2012 that more than 164.5 million people 65 and older around the world have some degree of age-related hearing loss. Hearing loss can be due to many factors, but the most common cause of hearing loss is simple aging. That’s why it’s very important to recognize the signs of hearing loss in seniors.

Signs of Hearing Loss in Seniors

You may not notice the signs of age related hearing loss in your senior loved one at first because many seniors develop creative ways of coping with the loss of their hearing. But if you notice any of these signs of hearing loss it’s a very good idea to get your loved one to see a doctor that can assess their hearing:

·       Asking others to repeat themselves frequently

·       Trouble speaking in crowded places

·       Needing to turn the volume up to high levels when not needed

·       Speaking too loudly

·       Reading other’s lips as opposed to listening to them

·       Trouble determining consonants

How Caregiver Services Can Help

A caregiver can be an advocate and a trusted friend for your senior loved one. A caregiver from caregiver services can accompany your loved one to the doctor, to the store, or on other errands to make sure that your loved one is able to communicate and understand what is being said to them. A caregiver can also help your loved one answer telephone calls and communicate with people for your loved one. Having a caregiver to with your loved one to the doctor or to other appointments is very important because a caregiver can take detailed notes of what the doctor says so that there will be no confusion later on about what the doctor said or what medications your senior loved one should take.

If you are worried about your senior loved one in Altamonte Springs, FL call Comfort Keepers today to find out more about caregiver services and how a caregiver can help your loved one stay happy and safe at home. 

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