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Driving Assistance for Older Adults

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Sacramento, California.

Senior Transportation Services for Your Loved Ones in Sacramento, CA, and the Surrounding Areas

Your loved ones who cannot drive alone can take advantage of our senior transportation services in Sacramento, CA, and the surrounding area.

I'm sure you experienced butterflies in your stomach moments before your driving test because you were nervous. You were apprehensive because you knew that passing your test would grant you the freedom you had never experienced before. That independence follows you throughout your life, even as you get older. While there are certain advantages to getting older, it also comes with a loss of vision, range of motion, and pain in the limbs. These concerns frequently prompt seniors to give up driving for safety reasons, but we're here to tell you that you don't have to give up driving right away, and if you do, there are senior transportation services that can help. You will be able to drive for as long as feasible if you make a few alterations to your routine. We've put together a list of tips to assist you in keeping your driving privileges.

Stay Active: Daily exercise can help you gain overall strength and flexibility. Improving these two skills over time will assist you in both steering and turning your head to assess the traffic.

Have Your Eyes Examined: Your eyes are one of the most critical driving components, and having them examined at least once a year is essential. The eye doctor will determine whether you require new lenses or even glasses, which will make all the difference.

Make an appointment for a hearing test: Hearing, like eyes, is a crucial driving element that sometimes goes overlooked. Getting your hearing evaluated to see if you require hearing aids will enhance your driving significantly.

Adjust as Needed — Purchasing a new car may assist you in improving your driving skills. New cars offer a plethora of features that make driving easier. Backup cameras, blind spot sensors, power windows and locks, and many other features are among them.

Plan Ahead — Making a driving plan ahead of time will help you avoid traveling during rush hours or night. It is risky to drive at certain moments, which is why planning beforehand might help you save time.

Comfort Keepers Can Assist You Today

Comfort Keepers can assist your loved ones while looking for senior transportation services or researching home care choices. Our staff can tailor home care services to your loved one's specific needs. We offer 24-hour care or care for a few hours a day, depending on what you or your loved one may need. Contact us at (916) 260-0654 if you have any questions regarding our senior care services.