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Fire Prevention

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Pleasanton, California.

Comfort Keepers 24 HR Home Care Providers in Pleasanton,CA: Tips on Fire Accident Prevention and Keeping Safe from Fire Accidents

24 HR home care providers - Comfort Keepers of Pleasanton, CA advise you to make sure that your senior loved one follows these tips to stay safe from fires! 

Overview of the situation

Fire is quite helpful in a number of ways, you could use it for cooking, lighting in some remote areas and it was used in the past for protection from preying animals. These great benefits seem to come with the attendant risk of fire accidents which could be quite damaging. During such tragic incidences, Comfort Keepers 24 hr home care providers appreciate that the elderly are the ones who are most affected due to their vulnerability. We thus take it upon ourselves to bring such statistics to you attention.

We need to watch out for the elderly, especially those above 65 years as this is the most affected group. Data indicates that seniors comprise about 40% of the fire victims despite them only making up 10% of the total population.

Risk factors

Research and analysis has revealed interesting facts which make the elderly to be susceptible to fire accidents. Comfort Keepers 24 hr home care providers understand that seniors usually experience a decline in their mental as well as physical abilities with time. This has a significant impact as it reduced their response to accidents such as fire. They also tend to use less of their five senses which further predispose them to accidents.

A relatively longer reaction time has also been shown to increase their chance of smoke inhalation which can be quite catastrophic. Changes in the anatomic structure of the corpus callosum as well as the other neural parts have been tied to this increase. The elderly are also in most cases subjected to medications which could be sedating resulting in a sluggish response.

As a company, Comfort Keepers 24 hr home care providers know that certain actions account for the increased incidence of fire accidents especially with the elderly. Actions such as being less watchful while cooking, the use of greasy cooking utensils and neglecting faulty electric circuits could lead to house fires. Alternatives sources of lighting such as candles and lamps as well as irresponsible smoking habits have also been associated with house fire accidents.

Tips on the Prevention of evitable fire accidents

Comfort Keepers 24 hr home care providers have compiled a list of recommended prevention tips that you could adopt.

  • Use of smoke detectors; these are pretty useful for a quick and timely detection of fires for intervention or early escape. You ought to place them in suitable locations such as ceilings, in every floor in a storied building as well as in the sleeping areas. Remember to regularly maintain them by cleaning and replacing the batteries.
  • Have a plan; after being alerted an appropriate and simple plan should be in place to guide the escape from fires or how to put them off.
  • Watch your cooking habits; be keen in kitchen and use non-greasy utensils besides installing an ABC fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
  • Responsible smoking; pay particular attention to the manner in which you dispose ashes to avoid fire accidents, use a metallic container for this.
  • Fix the electrical hitches; address electric issues such as dimming lights and loaded circuits.