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Senior Immunizations

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Quality Home Health Care & Senior Immunizations in Orange, CA

What immunizations do quality home health care experts recommend?

In honor of National Immunization Awareness Month, we’ve decided to compile this handy list of immunizations that senior citizens should receive in order to reduce their risk of developing serious health conditions down the road. By receiving these immunizations, seniors can improve their overall quality of life while increasing their lifespan.

Shingles Vaccine

A painful rash that is caused by the same virus that prompts the chickenpox is known as shingles. Since older adults are more likely to develop shingles than younger individuals, it’s vital that they receive the shingles vaccine. The one time shingles vaccine will protect them from exhaustion, fever, loss of appetite, and the other severe side effects that shingles often bring to seniors.

Influenza Vaccine

The flu or influenza is a respiratory illness that is contagious and can be life-threatening, especially for older adults with weaker immune systems. For seniors who have heart disease, diabetes, or another chronic condition, the flu can be even more dangerous because it can lead to complications and hospitalization. That’s why, it’s a good idea for all older adults to get their annual flu shot.

Pneumococcal Disease

Pneumococcal disease leads to serious infections in the bloodstream and key organs. Although it’s not well known, conditions that result from this disease like meningitis, bacteremia, and pneumonia have been heard of. To avoid these diseases as well as loss of limbs, brain damage, and even death, it’s imperative that seniors receive the pneumococcal disease vaccine.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a contagious virus that impedes the liver and can prompt liver cancer, cirrhosis, and in serious cases, death. Since the liver and its function changes with aging, hepatitis B is more prevalent among the senior population. Older adults who get the hepatitis B vaccine can expect to get a series of three or four injections over six months.


The Tdap vaccine is designed to protect seniors from tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis or whooping cough. Doctors encourage men and women over the age of 65 to get the Tdap vaccine if they’ve never had it before.

Prior to getting any vaccine, your senior loved one should speak to their doctor. Once their doctor has made recommendations on specific vaccinations, they should go ahead and get them in order to protect themselves as well as friends, family, and anyone around them.