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1748 W Katella Ave #207, Orange, California 92867 Coronavirus update

Fire Prevention

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Orange, California.

Comfort Keepers In Home Care in Orange, CA: Tips on Prevention and Safety Tips for Fire Accidents

Are you concerned about your senior loved one's safety? Check out these tips from Comfort Keepers In Home Care regarding fire safety in the home for residents of Orange, CA

Overview of the situation

There are many uses for fire; cooking, protection as well as lighting. The use of fire spans hundreds of thousands of years, but despite being useful, fires have been associated with devastation. We are all too familiar with the effects of wild fires and house fires that desecrate homes and oftentimes the residents within them. House fires are of particular interest to Comfort Keepers In Home Care and they have been reported in their thousands, with a majority of the victims being the senior members in our society.

Comfort Keepers In Home Care recommends that special attention is put towards your senior loved one in ensuring that fire accidents are kept to the minimum. Data indicates that close to 40% of all the fire victims are the elderly, especially those above 65 years yet they only comprise 10% of the whole population.

Risk factors worth noting

Fire accidents are typically preventable. Seniors seem to be predisposed to some risk factors which Comfort Keepers In Home Care that tend to make them more likely to be involved in accidents. The elderly usually experience a decline in their physical and mental abilities. Basics senses are not spared and tend to increase the risk of "sensing" that danger is near. 

Increase reaction time is also thought to play a part in this. This has been associated with remarkable changes in the structure of corpus callosum as well as other neural components. Polypharmacy, the use of lots of medication during ones’ sunset years could cause the elderly to be sleepy with a sluggish response.

Having considered all these risk factors, the elderly are not entirely to blame for most of the fire accidents. Fires caused with actions such as less cautious cooking, use of utensils which are greasy and inability to address faulty electrical circuits need to be addressed. In addition to these adopting a responsible smoking routine and being keen while using alternatives sources of lighting, such as candles could help reduce fire accidents. Comfort Keepers In Home Care advocates for the adoption of these safe practices.

Tips on fire prevention and safety

  • Get smoke detectors for your home; smoke detectors are good as alarms in case of an impending fire accident. They ought to be placed in suitable locations, for instance on ceilings, sleeping rooms and each should be on every floor as may apply. Besides installing them, regular maintenance should be undertaken.
  • Have a plan just in case; after installing detectors, the means of intervention or escape need to be spelled out clearly. Have exit routes that have been predetermine and ensure that all the aids in escaping or tackling a fire accident are in place.
  • Take on good cooking practices; house fires emanating from the kitchen could be reduced with keen and cautious cooking, the use of clean and non-greasy utensils and fixing any electrical hitches. Last but not least have a fire extinguisher, the ABC type in your kitchen.
  • Adopt responsible smoking habits; cigarette smoking could lead to fire accidents due to the incompletely burnt ashes, these have to be disposed off appropriately
  • Fix all the electrical hitches; electrical fires could quite disastrous and fixing any faults is greatly welcome. Address dimming lights and loaded switches.