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Call (714) 450-6494 | 1748 W Katella Ave #207, Orange, California 92867 Coronavirus update
1748 W Katella Ave #207, Orange, California 92867 Coronavirus update

Family Room

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Orange, California.

Comfort Keepers Home Care Specialists of Orange, CA Present the Family Room

Home Care Specialists of Orange, CA: Comfort Keepers is proud to present a new virtual online portal that connects families and our caregivers

Comfort Keepers is proud to offer the Family Room, a communication engine for your family during your loved one’s senior care.

We understand that home healthcare can be stressful and bewildering for family members.  Family members of the care recipient may have conflicting information on care, and may disagree about what the home care specialists should do.

The family Room will help you address these issues.  The new online tool allows you to monitor your loved one’s home care, share information with everyone involved, and to give your input regarding care.

Family Room transports your family into space you share with the home care specialist.  It gives everyone access to the same information, as well as an equal chance to help influence care so that it works best for your senior loved one.

What is the Family Room?

Family Room allows all parties to view or create regular, real-time updates on the in home healthcare. There are to-do lists and calendars that can keep everyone up to date on the details of the care your loved one receives.  You can ask the caregiver to do a particular thing, add a doctor’s appointment and many other senior care activities.

The home care specialist can ask questions, relay messages from your family member, or let you know the general attitude your senior loved one had that day.

With various interested parties accessing the system, you can collaborate, rather than one person making decisions alone without the knowledge of everyone else.  It also allows you to get to know the home care specialist.  This creates trust and a great bond between everyone involved.  This is what we consider to be the benefit of transparency in home care.

The in-home care Comfort Keepers provides is very individualized.  Our caregivers initiate the process with a custom care plan that fits the particular needs of your family.  Family Room takes this personalized approach to the next level.

Family Room is included for anyone who arranges home health care from Comfort Keepers.  It helps us give the sort of transparent care that truly provides comfort for everyone involved.