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Comfort Keepers Is an Elder Care Agency That Helps Seniors Stay Independent at Home in Greater Fresno, CA

Our elder care agency provides various home care options for seniors who choose to live independently in Fresno, Clovis, Modesto, and neighboring areas

Our elder care agency offers a choice of home care options through our SafetyChoice program to make daily living activities easy and safe for seniors. With medical alert systems, prescription reminder programs, and home monitoring devices, your elderly loved one may feel comfortable at home, even when they are alone. Our SafetyChoice products are designed to offer elders and those who care for them affordable, dependable security and confidence. Most seniors want to remain in their homes, which they can do securely and pleasantly with our comprehensive services. For further information, call our elder care agency at (559) 456-8064 or continue reading below.

What Are the Benefits of Our SafetyChoice Products?

Not only may our SafetyChoice devices be used in conjunction with one of our care plans, but they can also be utilized to keep your loved ones safe while they are alone. For example, falling can endanger a senior's health and quality of life. The risk of missing or overdosing on a medication dose, on the other hand, is just as hazardous. Individuals with dementia may also be at risk if they become disoriented or engage in risky behaviors.

As a result, many families struggle to balance respect for a loved one's freedom and the need for elder care services. When no one wants to upset their loved one, every family is concerned about the duration between visits while alone.

Our elder care agency provides more than simply high-quality home care; we also assist elders via technology. Our wide range of -home safety devices can assist the primary caregiver in overcoming these obstacles.

Our SafetyCare Products

Home Monitoring Systems

Our elder care agency's home monitoring systems are an excellent way to ensure your loved one's safety while you're away. Home monitoring and alert systems can help your loved ones maintain their independence and security at home.

Medication Safety and Management

Medication management is one of the most critical problems for seniors who live alone. It's much too simple to miss a dosage or take the incorrect one, even more so for seniors who take many medicines throughout the day. Seniors can maintain their independence and quality of life with the assistance of a care provider or the medication management solutions offered by Comfort Keepers.

Personal Emergency Response Systems

We understand the challenges experienced by families who have an elderly loved one. Each senior desires to retain their independence, which becomes more complex as mobility diminishes with age. Seniors can accomplish this wish more safely by utilizing a basic medical alert system. That is why Comfort Keepers recommends Personal Emergency Response Systems from SafetyChoice (PERS). In an emergency, these devices make summoning aid convenient, simple, and effective.

Safety Accessories

Comfort Keepers offers a selection of accessories to enhance the performance of your Personal Emergency Response System at home (PERS). This may involve the inclusion of lockboxes and pendants, as well as home safety inspections.

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We appreciate your desire to offer the highest possible standard of care for your loved one. Additionally, we recognize that caring for someone on one's own is not always possible. When you're unable to be present, our SafetyChoice products and home care solutions provide peace of mind. Contact our elder care team now to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation. 

We'll assist you in determining the best care plan for your circumstance and demonstrate the many SafetyChoice products and range of services that would be suited for your loved one. To begin with our elder care agency, click one of the options below.