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Benefits of In-Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Monrovia, California.

In-Home Care: Letting Seniors Happily and Healthily Age in Place

The twilight years are the perfect time for a person to sit back, unwind, and enjoy the rest of their life. Living far from home in a medical care facility when you’re in your sixties, however, doesn’t exactly paint a picture of aging happily.

In their later years, seniors yearn for comfort and company. Keeping family, friends, and healthcare close is the way to go. In-home care lets them do this and allows them to age in place happily, in more ways than one.

Keeps Them Close to Loved Ones

Seniors in assisted living facilities are more prone to loneliness and depression, as they feel isolated from friends and loved ones. This affects their overall health as they experience withdrawal, loss of appetite, and weight loss, which may progress into more serious health issues.

In-home care lets them stay close to loved ones, which gives them an upbeat mood and keeps them from feeling lonely and isolated.

Keeps Them Active and Busy in a Normal Setting

In-home care lets the elderly enjoy an active and busy lifestyle, like they normally would, with the added benefit of having accessible professional assistance and supervision.

The senior caregivers keep them active at home by joining them as they complete simple household tasks with their family or play with their grandkids. Caregivers encourage the senior to maintain an active lifestyle, fit for their condition, and supervise and assist them at the same time. Doing this in their own home lets them have a sense of normalcy, making them feel like it is part of their usual routine, rather than a structured medical program.

Reduces Health Risks

Recently, a number of health care units in Essex County (Canada) reported outbreaks of various illnesses, at least five of which were caused by the flu.  Healthcare professionals warned Canadians about possibly sending someone in perfect health into a place that may make them sick. Living facilities for the elderly house occupants who are mostly in delicate health, and this increases the risk of getting sick.

Unless they’re living with sick family members, in-home care poses fewer health risks and provides a setup that focuses on their needs.

Let senior loved ones make the most of their twilight years with in-home care. Assist, watch, and accompany them as they age happily and healthily in place — their home.