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February 25, 2014

Senior Care Solutions: Making Sure Seniors are Getting Enough Vitamin C

When looking at senior care solutions, vitamin intake is important to the health and wellness of the individual. As seniors age, vitamin deficiencies can occur for many reasons, such as skipped meals, medications interfering with the absorption of vitamins or certain health issues. 

One vitamin that can greatly play a role in the quality of life of seniors is vitamin C. The recommended daily dose of this vitamin is 90 milligrams for men and 75 milligrams for a woman. Benefits of vitamin C include:

  • Reducing the duration and severity of colds
  • Neutralizing free radicals that can damage DNA and potentially cause cancer
  • Assists in the formation of white blood cells, which help fight off infection
  • Helps form collagen, which helps hold skin, ligaments and cartilage together
  • Helps keeps blood vessel walls strong and resistant to damage

As can be seen, the simple vitamin that is mostly associated with colds plays a part in keeping us healthy all around. When people age, the need for vitamin C only increases as they become more susceptible to illness and disease. Whether it is preventing macular degeneration, heart disease, osteoporosis or cancer, vitamin C has a vital role.

Senior care solutions require making sure the elderly loved-one is getting enough of this crucial vitamin on a regular basis. Home care companies, such as Comfort Keepers can provide assistance to seniors in the area of nutrition and healthy eating. On service that is provided is helping seniors prepare meals, grocery shop and helping them remember to take their medications and vitamins. Many times, the daily requirement of vitamin C can be achieved by eating plenty of fruits or vegetables; however, supplementing is also an option. Foods rich in vitamin C are citrus fruits, bell peppers, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cantaloupe. So, making sure the senior is eating their daily servings of fruits and vegetables will help ensure they are taking in enough vitamin C.

Comfort Keepers is known for its quality in-home care. Through their senior care solutions, they can help keep seniors healthy.

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