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April 7, 2014

Senior Care Providers Assist With Home Health Care

Senior care providers from Comfort Keepers® offer a wide array of home services to best assist loved ones in need. Comfort Keepers' company vision is to provide the best in home health care to seniors so that they can continue living in their own home for as long as possible. Senior care providers create safe and happy environments designed to help the senior feel independent and enjoy spending time with a companion. 

Senior care providers from Comfort Keepers can assist the senior at home in several different areas including personal care, home care, transportation, cooking meals and much more. Senior care providers are trained to recognize small details that could improve seniors' lives as well. For example, moving an area rug that could be a fall hazard, making sure cabinets are stocked with healthy and nutritious food. or making sure all doors are locked before leaving the home.

Senior care providers can also be responsible for helping the senior get enough daily exercise within the activity level permitted by their physician.  For seniors who are more active, Comfort Keepers caregivers can drive the senior to a local recreation center to enroll in low-impact swimming classes, walk around a local mall or visit museums or libraries. If the senior would prefer to stay at home, senior care providers can suggest things to do around the home that would help contribute to their overall health, like going on walks around the neighborhood or gardening. For seniors who are restricted to a chair, caregivers can provide assistance with seated exercises to increase circulation and heart health.

Aside from the physical benefits of having a trained senior care provider around the home to help run errands, do light housework and take the senior to appointments, the emotional benefits are also important. Seniors feel valued, more independent and have higher self-esteem when they spend time with people on a regular basis who also enjoy spending time with them. Through Interactive Caregiving(TM), care providers will develop a real and lasting relationship with seniors.

Senior interactive care providers from Comfort Keepers will provide benefits to seniors in many areas of their lives, whether it's physical help to run errands and visit friends, or emotional bonding to have a trusted companion.

If you are considering a senior care provider for you or a senior loved one, learn how to start the conversation, or let us help by coming to your home and offering an in home care consultation and we'll be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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