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December 10, 2015

Elder Caregivers Help Keep Seniors Fit and Active

Physical activity and exercise are essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind at any age.   That's why elder care providers like Comfort Keepers® emphasize the importance of companionship and provider-led activities in their service offerings. Comfort Keepers staffing of specially-trained caregivers helps ensure that seniors maintain active and healthy lifestyles, no matter their age or level of mobility.

When exercising with a friend, seniors are often more motivated to move, more likely to stick to an exercise routine and more likely to experience both physical and emotional benefits.  Comfort Keepers' elder care caregivers are there to remind and encourage seniors to perform exercises recommended by their physician.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there are four categories of exercise that are necessary for seniors to maintain optimal physical health.

They are endurance activities, strengthening exercises, stretching exercises and balance exercises. Here are some examples of activities in these four categories that Comfort Keepers caregivers can do with your senior loved one, in the comfort of their own home or neighborhood. All seniors should check with their physician before performing any exercise routine. 

  1. Endurance activities: A variety of endurance activities can benefit a senior's health, from walking and dancing to vacuuming, sweeping and other housework, to shopping or chopping vegetables and preparing meals. These actions help maintain muscle and heart strength and boost energy levels when performed on a regular basis. 
  2. Strengthening exercises: Activities that can be performed around the house to improve body strength include light aerobics, light lifting of household objects and even gardening and planting flowers and herbs. Increased body strength also means increased heart strength, greater mobility and decreased the instance of injury such as bone breakage. 
  3. Stretching exercises: Stretching helps build muscle and also increases flexibility and mobility. Caregivers can facilitate and encourage physician recommended stretches.
  4. Balance exercises: Finally, balancing exercises are important to seniors, as improved balance means less risk of falls and injury related to falls. Simple balance exercises that can be performed with the assistance of a care provider include standing on one foot and raising and lowering on one's toes.

For more information about elder care, call the Comfort Keepers office nearest you today!

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