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Elder Care Food Guide

This will be a helpful article about nutrition for seniors, and two food guide tips to make sure that your elderly loved-one is getting the food that they need to be as helpful as possible. Some of these elder care nutrition tips you might already know or take for granted, but many seniors are not aware of this, so pass it on!  Did you know that the number of seniors who are under-nourished or mal-nourished is growing? This could include people you know who might not display the usual signs of malnourishment. Hopefully, this article can help you with two basic food habits that seniors should be engaging in, to keep all your elderly loved-ones healthy and nutritious.

Drink Plenty of Water!

As the body ages, it continues to change, even down to its composition. Fluids decrease in aging bodies, as does lean body mass. This means it is very important when thinking about elder care nutrition, for seniors to be getting enough water to drink. It is recommended that seniors drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. That means at least eight glasses of water each day! If your elderly loved one is having trouble remembering to drink enough water, maybe you could make them a helpful chart. Each time they drink a glass of water, they can mark it off the chart. That way they can not only remember to drink enough each day, but they can look back and have a record of exactly how much water they drink each day.

Eat Seasonally

Have you ever considered that when you eat food that is not in season in your area, it had to be shipped there, sometimes thousands of miles? When food, especially produce, has to be shipped a long way, in order for it to be ripe when it arrives, it must be picked before it has fully ripened. This results in less than optimal freshness and nutrients. A helpful hint is to look up which kinds of food are in season in your area, and then eat those. This means that those fruits and vegetables don't have as far to travel to get to your supermarket, which means they will have been allowed to fully ripen on the vine and resulting in produce that is healthier and much fresher. As you are concerned with elder care and senior nutrition for yourself or a senior loved one, it is important that they eat nutritiously!

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