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In-Home Elder Care Benefits

In-home elder care from Comfort Keepers® benefits more than just the seniors who receive it. In-home elder care also provides the families of seniors with peace of mind and can help relieve the burden of caring for a loved one who may be ill.

Although many seniors may live close to family members who are able to provide part-time or occasional care, there are many seniors who do not live close to family members. For those seniors, there is a Comfort Keepers office nearby providing trusted in-home elder care to create happy and safe environments for seniors who are living independently. Comfort Keepers will work with family members or trusted friends to discuss the care process and create a customized care schedule to benefit the senior in the best way possible.

For the seniors who do live close to family members that may be providing part-time care, because the people closest to them may not be able to objectively assess the living situation. They may be missing important key factors for in-home elder care like nutrition intake, or not noticing the senior doing dangerous activities that could lead to a fall.

Caring for a senior loved one is also a heavy emotional burden to bear. Studies have shown that families who care for elderly loved ones are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Allowing an in-home care service like Comfort Keepers to take over many of those responsibilities can mean a world of difference in the happiness and safety of family members.

Comfort Keepers in-home elder care can properly assess the safety of the environment in which the senior lives.  Comfort Keepers can also create suggestions to help improve their everyday lives and dispatch caregivers who will carry out the care plans every single day.

Allowing Comfort Keepers in-home elder care providers to lend a hand will put everyone at ease. Seniors will look forward to having someone in their homes as often as they'd like, and family members can make their visits more about spending time with the senior instead of doing chores for the senior.

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