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How At-Home Care Can Assist Seniors With Literacy Challenges

Comfort Keepers®, the compassionate and professional at-home care service, can help seniors who struggle with literacy. Seniors face many daily challenges, including maintaining health and wellness, gaining access to healthcare, socializing and taking part in their communities, and many more. However, one challenge that is often overlooked or taken for granted is the ability to read, write and comprehend basic written communications. The fact is, there are more elderly citizens in the United States that lack basic literacy skills than one might imagine.

According to a study by the National Assessment of Adult Literacy, as much as 14 percent of adults in America possess below basic literacy skills. This means they likely cannot read basic communications including newspapers, bank statements, bills, medication instructions, doctors' instructions, letters, and many more simple but extremely vital pieces of communication. For many seniors who already face many challenges, lack of literacy skills can create added hurdles and stress that deeply their affect health and wellness. These seniors may not seek the assistance they need, whether it be with their healthcare, medications, or basic survival such as obtaining food or reading the instructions on their medication boxes and more. This could be for a number of reasons, including lack of knowledge of where to obtain help, as well as the possible embarrassment or exposure that may come from asking for help or admittance to an inability to read or understand written communications.

Often times, these seniors who never gained basic necessary literacy skills did not do so because early in their lives, it was necessary to make sacrifices to help others. These seniors often set their own education aside for the betterment of others, including working for their families or supporting younger siblings or children. Yet, they now require the assistance that they both need and deserve. Comfort Keepers, the compassionate and professional at-home care service, provides this help to seniors, enabling them to continue to live their lives independently. At-home care providers assist seniors with tasks large and small, from administering basic health procedures, to obtaining and understanding medication and instructions, to helping with correspondence, maintaining schedules of appointments, and much more. From a few times a week to 24-hour assistance, at-home care providers fill the void and alleviate the stress within seniors' lives that comes from the inability to communicate effectively, which is holding them back from achieving their highest potential in physical and emotional wellness.

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