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Healthy Foods for In-Home Elder Care

A good nutrition plan should be part of any quality in-home elder care program. As people age, proper nutrition becomes more and more important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

In-home elder care programs, such as Comfort Keepers®, will work with seniors and family members to ensure proper nutrition is taking place. With a company like Comfort Keepers, quality of life is a main focus when it comes to caring for elderly loved ones. Eating healthy will help the senior prevent illness and disease, recuperate faster, have more energy, have a more positive outlook on life and increase mental acuity.

Figuring out how to eat healthy does not have to be difficult and should not be thought of as dieting or sacrificing. Eating in a balanced and nutritious way is simply living a healthy lifestyle. Some easy tips to incorporate are:

  • Reduce sodium intake - Sodium hides in most foods and is generally quite high in prepackaged food items. Reducing sodium intake can help with water retention and high blood pressure. Look for "low sodium" labels on foods and try sprinkling foods with coarse sea salt instead of cooking directly with salt.
  • Consume more fiber - Adding fiber to the senior's daily diet can help avoid constipation and chronic illnesses. Try incorporating more fruits, vegetables, grains and beans into meals.
  • Limit sugar intake - Sugars are not only in cookies, cakes and sweet foods. They can also normally be found in soups, sauces, premade meals, salad dressings and breads. Read food labels to make sure the senior isn't getting too much added sugar.
  • Keep a colorful plate - Making sure a meal is comprised of colorful fruits and vegetables will help ensure the elderly loved-one is getting a good dose of the proper vitamins and nutrients essential to maintaining good health.

Utilizing in-home elder care can provide the senior with a person to help cook them meals, take them grocery shopping and sit and eat with them. Having assistance with preparing healthy meals and having someone to eat the meal with has shown an increase in healthful eating and a decrease in skipped meals. Comfort Keepers can help the senior feel better and live more independently.

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