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At-Home Care for Elderly Loved Ones

Comfort Keepers® provides at-home care for senior loved ones who are still living independently in their own homes. As people age, their bodies begin to change. They can become weaker and more susceptible to injuries from common activities like picking up objects, trying to access areas of the home that are hard to reach or going down the stairs. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen, Comfort Keepers offers families the opportunity to be proactive about the safety and happiness of their senior loved ones.

The at-home care provided by Comfort Keepers covers a spectrum of care services, from transportation services, Alzheimer's and dementia care, companionship and even light housekeeping services. If a family member or an elderly loved one calls to set up a free consultation, a Comfort Keepers at-home care specialist will visit the home to assess the senior's living situation. At that time the caregiver can suggest changes to the environment like moving certain furniture to allow for better maneuverability, or moving floor rugs to eliminate fall-risks, and will also discuss what they think the best care schedule for the senior will be.

Some at-home care schedules involve a Comfort Keeper visiting the home a couple of times a week to run errands with the senior if he or she is no longer able to drive. Errands might include going to the grocery store, the pharmacy or to visit a friend. Other at-home care plans may be more comprehensive, with caregivers visiting the senior at home, in the hospital or nursing home, or the home of a family member for a couple of hours every day. Around the clock services are also available.

Caregivers can also assist with post-surgery care, making sure the senior is following discharge instructions to prevent possible hospital readmission. They can also remind the senior to take medications and even help them open small bottles and read small print or re-order prescriptions.

At-home care providers can also help with light housekeeping chores in addition to assisting the senior with daily hygiene tasks. Caregivers are standing by at a local Comfort Keepers office, excited to meet seniors in their neighborhoods.

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