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February 25, 2014

Why Choose Home Healthcare?

Home healthcare is a wonderful choice for any loving family member who is in the process of searching for a provider to assist with the health, safety and personal well being of an elderly loved one. When searching for a permanent residence for a senior, there is no better choice than where the elderly loved-one is most comfortable: their own home. There are many qualities that make home healthcare a much better choice than that of a retirement or nursing home.

The most common reason for home healthcare is the comfort and stress-free environment that the senior is used to. As the elderly loved-one gets older, they will undoubtedly feel connected to the place in which they spent the most time at. Their home is suited to their specific wants and needs where they can feel relaxed and safe. Home healthcare provides seniors with the comfort and familiarity they are most used to.

Secondly, unlike nursing homes or retirement centers, seniors who receive home healthcare are able to be involved in their own home care. Other home care companies have the attitude of, "sit there, let me make you a meal." With Comfort Keepers®, our caregivers say, "Would you like to help me cook dinner? Where are your recipe books? What's your favorite meal?" The senior is able to be part of their own care, which helps them feel involved and useful.

It is important for the senior to feel safe in their place of rest, and it is also important that the seniors family has peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in a safe, comfortable residence.

Another very important quality of home healthcare is the one-on-one attention that the senior will receive. While at home there is complete attention on the senior. This is important because it creates a special bond between the elder and the caregiver. At many nursing homes, the caregivers must care for a number of different elders so there is not enough one on one time to create this special relationship.

Call Comfort Keepers today to learn more about our home healthcare services and to schedule an in-home assessment!

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