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February 25, 2014

Home Health Care Jobs: a Growing Opportunity

The need for home health aides will rise by over 50 percent through 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, due to the rapid growth in the 65+ population and the growing desire of seniors to continue living in the comfort of home for as long as possible.

Home health care aides help seniors safely and happily maintain an independent in-home lifestyle by assisting them with the activities of daily living.

Home health care aides provide seniors companionship as they perform light housekeeping and routine personal care duties. Their services vary according to each client's specific needs. They help clients get out of bed, bathe, dress, and groom, clean clients' houses, launder clothes, change bed linens, plan and cook meals, and make sure seniors stay on diets prescribed for health maintenance.

They may also shop for food, pick up prescriptions and run errands, and take clients to medical appointments, church and other places they need or want to go.

Providing companionship, home health care aides converse with their senior clients, go on walks with them, accompany them on shopping trips, do puzzles and help clients engage in favorite pastimes and hobbies.

Home health care aides often work in collaboration with skilled home care professionals, such as home health care nurses and therapists for those clients who need care for chronic medical conditions or special care following a hospital stay for an illness, injury or surgery.

Because they spend more time with home health care clients than nurses, they often are the first to observe changes in a client's health or behavior. They can bring these changes to the attention of the skilled health care providers for timely medical intervention.

Home health care providers also partner with seniors' families to provide seniors the care they need. Home health care aides can be scheduled to visit from just a few hours a week to providing full-time, 24-hour care--depending on the family's availability to provide care.

As more seniors and their families embrace this kind of care, opportunities for home health care jobs will continue to grow.

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