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Senior Care Personal Emergency Response System

A Personal Emergency Response System can be a great alternative to a nursing home for a senior who is at risk of a fall but would like to remain in the comfort of their own home.

Even though seniors are at a high risk of falling or experiencing other emergencies, many still desire to remain where they are most comfortable--in their own homes--instead of having to stay in a full-time senior care facility such as a nursing home. Through technology solutions from Comfort Keepers®, seniors can remain independent, living in their own homes, while being able to immediately summon emergency help in case they do experience a fall or other emergency. It is proven that the faster that help arrives on the scene, the less-likely any injuries sustained will be life-threatening or turn into long-term conditions or illnesses.

Summoning Help With the Push of a Button

PERS--the Personal Emergency Response System from Comfort Keepers--allows seniors to call for help even if a Comfort Keepers caregiver or family member is not present. The senior can summon help through the push of a button on a pendant worn around the neck, a personal wristband or on the main PERS console. A call will automatically be made to Comfort Keepers' 24-hour Centralized Monitoring Station, where a response professional will be able to directly speak to and hear from the senior through the 2-way, tabletop PERS console. The response professional will be able to determine why the senior is calling for help, dispatch the appropriate emergency professionals and talk with the senior to reassure them until help arrives.

Through the advanced technology of computer automation, the SafetyChoice® operator will be informed of detailed information about the senior to provide the emergency responders with the senior's age, preferred hospital, current medical conditions and other individual instructions. Optional Portable GPS-Based PERS Systems for Even More Protection.

For seniors who:

  • Are active and spend a good deal of time away from their homes
  • Live in a rural area
  • Suffer from Alzheimer's or Dementia and could potentially wander and become lost,

Comfort Keepers has a special senior care technology: GPS-based PERS Systems.

This system is about the size of a mobile phone and can be worn around the neck, on a belt-pack, on a wrist band or several other options, allowing the GPS technology to be with them at all times.

No matter where in the world the senior is, if they become lost, they simply press the button on the PERS device. The GPS-based PERS System will quickly locate them and provide a means of two-way communication with professionally-trained Centralized Monitoring Station representatives. The family of the senior can also have peace of mind because they can easily track their loved one's real-time location by either calling the Centralized Monitoring Station at any time or by checking online.

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