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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Making the holiday season bright for seniors  

The holiday season is an especially joyful time that brings families together from near and far to enjoy special meals, pass down traditions, and create ever-lasting memories. Although the holidays are a time of joy, we all know preparing for these festivities can be stressful and time-consuming. As a senior, these preparations can be even more difficult, especially for those who may have failing eyesight, memory challenges, or mobility issues. While adult children may usually be able to help their aging parents with day-to-day needs, the holiday season is a busy time for everyone, which means they often don’t have as much time to help with holiday preparations.

Our Comfort Keepers® caregivers can lend a helping hand to make sure your senior loved ones get the support they need to prepare for the holidays and experience the true magic of the season. Having a non-family member help with holiday preparations means more quality time with loved ones and a more joyful season for everyone.

Here are a few things that might be on the holiday to-do list and how Comfort Keepers can help make sure everything gets checked off with ease.    

Preparing the House

If your senior loved one is planning to host a gathering or out-of-town guests, they’ll want to ger their house in tip-top shape and make sure they have everything they need to make their holiday events joyful and stress-free. Our caregivers can assist with cleaning, light housekeeping, decorating, and everything that comes with preparing for guests.  

Making Holiday Meals

Grocery shopping and meal preparation can be especially challenging if you lack transportation or have trouble lifting heavy items. Depending on mobility and dexterity, seniors may struggle to lift heavy pans in and out of the oven or prepare holiday dishes as easily as they once did. A Comfort Keeper can help with anything they need—from grocery shopping to chopping vegetables—so their special family recipes and holiday meals turn out just the way they want. 

Gift Giving

The holiday season is a time of giving, and your senior loved one likely has several people to whom they want to give gifts. Although it’s fun to choose the perfect gifts for the people on your list, it can be a lengthy process of deciding what to pick, shopping, wrapping, and sending the presents. Our caregivers can keep gift giving stress-free by providing transportation, in-person and online shopping assistance, gift wrapping, and help delivering or shipping packages.  

Emotional Support & Companionship 

While the holidays are filled with joy and family time for many, the season can also be a lonely time for seniors who may have lost loved ones or are unable to see children and grandchildren that live far away. Therefore, it’s essential that seniors take care of their mental and emotional well-being as the holidays approach. Comfort Keepers can offer companionship and socialization that uplift seniors’ spirits and bring warmth, hope, and joy during the holiday season. 

Comfort Keepers Can Help

The holidays are a special time, and our trusted care team at Comfort Keepers can ensure the season is joyful for the senior in your life. Our caregivers can help with light housekeeping, preparing for guests, holiday meal preparation, gift wrapping, decorating, shopping, and transportation. During the holiday season and beyond, we believe that every senior should experience the best in life. Comfort Keepers provide uplifting in-home care that helps seniors achieve greater wellbeing by fostering everyday positive moments, connection, and a more joyful life—no matter their age or acuity. 

To learn more about our services, contact your local Comfort Keepers location today.

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