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Beat Cabin Fever with Holiday Activities!

Beat Cabin Fever with Holiday Activities!

The wind hits your face as soon as you step outside. You have to bundle yourself and your Senior so the least amount of skin possible is showing. It is winter. It is known to make people come down with Cabin Fever. It is hard to make yourself face the cold and snowy conditions. On the other hand, it is also hard to stay cooped up inside.

As far as indoors activities go, there are plenty of ideas on At Comfort Keepers®, we have a board that is only dedicated to indoor holiday activities. While they are all fun and produce great results, here are our top 5 choices for indoor activities . . .

Make your own wreath! It is so common to have old ornaments that no longer fit into your tree motif. Luckily, we found this website that has a tutorial on how to re-use them into a beautiful wreath. This is a good activity because the wreath can be customized to your personal home decor. All that is required is a foam ring, a hot glue gun, and ornaments! Check out this article on how to make your own:

Make cookie jars as holiday gifts! This blog has ideas on how to customize different cookie recipes. Put all the dry ingredients in a jar and tell the recipient to just add butter, egg, and vanilla. This is an inexpensive way to be sure that each person on your list has their favorite kind of cookie! Check out this recipe and get started on your gift giving:

Create custom plates, mugs, bowls and more! Buy a plain piece of pottery and decorate with sharpie pens. This is a great idea to do with kids such as grandchildren because it is so inexpensive. When finished creating your masterpiece, bake them in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. This makes it possible for the dishes to be washed without washing off the artwork. Here is the article with some ideas on what to draw:

Make homemade lotion bars!We came across a pin that sounded too good to be true. The writer claims these lotion bars healed her cracked knuckles overnight and her sons try skin after two applications! Easy to do, inexpensive and common ingredients make this one of our top indoor activities this winter. Get on your way to smooth skin with this step-by-step article:

Hang out with the kids! Grandkids or your own, they are going to be home from school for at least two weeks. They are going to start to feel cabin fever as well. Spend a day or even just an afternoon doing crafts with them. This website has a list of kid friendly crafts they could choose from! Start bonding with the youngsters with this article:

The winter months can be tough since you will want to stay in the warm indoors. Don’t let that stop you from having fun, spending time with family, and crafting!

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