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50 Ways to Bring Seniors Comfort and Joy this Season

This holiday season promises to look different than any before it for many families. But it can be refreshing and fun to shake up the routine by incorporating new ideas, especially when some of the go-to activities may not be possible this holiday season.

50 Ways to Bring Seniors Comfort and Joy this Season

There are many ways to bring connection, purpose, and hope to seniors this holiday season and all year round. It can be refreshing and fun to incorporate new ideas and shake up our everyday routine, especially during holidays.   

These fun ideas for families focus on activities to do with seniors, including grandparents, older parents, and elderly neighbors. Some are free or affordable, and others may require some planning ahead.  These ideas can be enjoyed together or apart to bring joy and make new memories. Others are intended to bring joy to those that can’t spend time together in person.

  1. Bake cookies or a favorite holiday treat
  2. Make an ornament or cute holiday decoration as a gift
  3. Help a senior shop for holiday gifts online
  4. Wrap gifts on behalf of a senior and deliver them to loved ones
  5. Have a drive-through holiday parade outside of a senior’s home
  6. Gather everyone in your household and go caroling for seniors
  7. Put together a gift basket of hot chocolate, baked goods or favorite holiday snacks
  8. String lights outside of a senior’s home
  9. Make a wreath for a senior’s door
  10. Print photos of holiday memories and share them
  11. Send cards, letters or notes of encouragement
  12. Run a holiday errand for someone that is isolating at home
  13. Snap a few photos of your friends, family, and pets to send by text or email
  14. Plan a surprise meal for a senior, either by cooking for the senior in your household or arranging meal delivery if you can’t be in-person
  15. Draw a picture and send it in the mail
  16. Lend a senior a favorite book or movie and explain why you love it
  17. Take a senior in your household for a sunset car ride
  18. Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by sending a senior gifts and treats.
  19. Color a page from a coloring book and give it as a gift
  20. Surprise a senior by playing or singing their favorite song over the phone or on a video call
  21. Paint a picture and give it to a senior
  22. Make and send a handmade card
  23. Post sticky notes with uplifting messages around the house
  24. Make origamis and present them as gifts
  25. Tell a senior what you admire about them
  26. Create a book of holiday memories for someone special
  27. Thank someone that you appreciate
  28. Listen to a senior reminisce about the “good old days”
  29. Surprise a senior by dancing to a favorite song on video or dance with a senior in your household!
  30. Write a poem and give it as a gift
  31. Bring coffee from their favorite coffee shop
  32. Frame a senior’s favorite quote give it to them
  33. Decorate for the holidays, either outside of their home or inside if you’re in the same household
  34. Read a favorite holiday book together over the phone
  35. Send a senior a poinsettia or other seasonal plant for their garden
  36. Gift an indoor garden to someone that can’t be outside due to weather
  37. Order supplies from an online crafts store for your loved one’s favorite hobby or something fun and new
  38. Have your senior narrate parts of their life for you. Write down the memories and create a booklet with photos for you all to cherish.
  39. Have a fashion show showcasing silly holiday looks over video or with a senior in your household and dress up in themes from your loved ones favorite era
  40. Watch a favorite classic movie with a senior in your household
  41. Ask your senior loved one to gather items to donate, and take them to a charity drive for them
  42. Have family phone or video calls
  43. Record a voice journal and share it
  44. Create a family holiday recipe book
  45. Play Bingo online
  46. Create a collage and gift it to a senior loved one
  47. Play charades in-person with those in your household or over video chat
  48. Find a senior pen pal and send letters and notes on a regular basis
  49. Share a favorite podcast or audio book
  50. Make a family tree and gift it to a senior

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