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40 Activity Ideas to Spend Time With Family and Seniors

Fun ideas for families focus on activities to do with seniors.

Some of the best time spent with family is simply talking and connecting. Whether it’s catching up over a board game at the kitchen table, making dinner, or watching a favorite movie together, having go-to activities are great fool-proof ideas to spend time with loved ones. But it can also be refreshing and fun to shake up the routine by incorporating new ideas, especially when some of the go-to activities may be feeling a bit tired. 

These fun ideas for families focus on activities to do with seniors, including grandparents, older parents, and elderly neighbors. Some are free or affordable, others may require some planning ahead, but all ideas can be done at home, together or apart, to bring joy and make new memories.

  1. Have a spelling bee; really challenge yourself
  2. Read suspense or romance novels out loud
  3. Order an herb garden online, and watch it grow
  4. Order supplies to garden in a pot
  5. Order supplies from an online crafts store for your loved one’s favorite hobby or something fun and new
  6. Have your senior narrate parts of their life for you. Write down the memories and create a booklet with photos for you all to cherish.
  7. Picnic in the backyard or inside
  8. Fashion show at home
  9. Watch favorite classic movies
  10. Watch classic TV shows from childhood together and talk about it
  11. Have fun with adult coloring books
  12. Paint by numbers 
  13. Read your horoscope every day
  14. Make a Sundae bar at home
  15. Gather items to donate
  16. Organize a room, a drawer or closet
  17. Phone or video calls with family
  18. Look at old albums and yearbooks
  19. Try scrap booking
  20. Watching the Travel Channel or History Channel 
  21. Voice journaling
  22. Create a recipe book for the family
  23. Have fun with Snapchat filters
  24. Watch documentaries
  25. Have a culture day. Watch a foreign film and cook a meal 
  26. Play online Bingo
  27. Put together a collage
  28. Play Charades
  29. Have a formal tea
  30. Make origami
  31. Press flowers
  32. Make greeting cards
  33. Order supplies and paint rocks
  34. Try a new food or restaurant
  35. Watch old music videos
  36. Start corresponding with a pen pal
  37. Listen to music favorites; make a playlist
  38. Download a new podcast or audiobook
  39. Make a family tree
  40. Make a time capsule

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