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The Journey to Recovery at Home: Post-Op Care in Waco, TX

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Find out more about our in-home care and how it can help patients transition home for a full recovery.

Once a person has been discharged from the hospital, the road to recovery is only half complete. The time immediately after a hospital stay is critical to their health and recovery. Multiple studies in the past have shown that lack of proper care and support following serious hospitalization or surgery can lead to a readmission or slower-paced recovery. 

A caregiver helps an senior woman with her walker. Mobility assistance is one of the aspects of Transitioning Home Care provided by Comfort Keepers.

Typically, family members can volunteer to take care of their loved ones once they have been discharged from the hospital, but providing proper care can be arduous. These people are ill-prepared and untrained to meet the physical and emotional challenges presented by taking care of such people who are transitioning home. This is why Comfort Keepers offers different home care services to create a successful transition for loved ones returning home from surgery. 

What is Transitioning Care?

Transitioning from a hospital back to the home can be tricky. A client's health and a client's needs are core elements of a smooth transition. We at Comfort Keepers specialize in helping you make the return home smooth and achieving an exemplary quality of life standard. Some of the services our home health care team provides in this regard include: 

  • Providing transportation for follow up visits
  • Coordination and communication with medical staff
  • Monitoring proper implementation of the care plan to aid the recovery process
  • Providing family and friends time to relax and regain peace of mind
  • Assisting with household activities, such a running errands, meal preparation, housekeeping, etc.

How Comfort Keepers Can Help Your Loved One With Post-Op In-Home Care

In addition to our wide range of general care services for patients who have only recently been discharged from hospitals, we are also able to customize our support services to fulfill the health care needs, human services, and medical needs of the client's transition. 

Some of the special medical needs that we can help with are:

  • Pneumonia
  • Issues related to hip replacement surgery
  • Mental Health care issues
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Wound care

No matter the type of surgery your family member or loved one is transitioning from, the post-operative care provided can also help with:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Medication reminders
  • Light housekeeping
  • Pick up after hospital discharge

Let us take you through the recovery process so that you and your loved one emerge from the process healthier, happier, and better. We let you and your loved one enjoy professional help and peace of mind. We are available to help anytime, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week with our industry-leading home health care services!

Recovering Safely with Short- or Long-Term Care Plans in Waco, TX

Comfort Keepers home care ease your loved one’s transition from the hospital to home, which can lead to a better, more comfortable recovery.

The time immediately after a hospital stay can be critical to the health and recovery of a loved one. Studies show that the lack of proper support and care following surgery or a serious hospitalization can lead to slower recovery or even readmission to the hospital.

Family members often take on the task of caring for a loved one after a hospital stay but can find they are untrained or ill-prepared to meet the physical and emotional challenges of such care. That is why Comfort Keepers offers both short-term and long-term care options for seniors to take advantage of to ease the transition home. 

Should You Get Professional Help?

Aside from the commitment of time, you may wonder if you need professional help to aid in their recovery? Even though the hospital is releasing them, your loved one may still need care that you are not experienced enough to provide. Whether you need to bring in an extra set of hands or not will largely depend on why your loved one was in the hospital and their overall health. Even if you have cared for your loved one before this, there are certain things you may not think about or realize that could compromise your senior’s fragile health.

If your loved one has had surgery, was in the hospital for an extended chronic illness, or had injury chances are good they may need extra help with mobility, positioning, or ensuring their safety. The first step will be to talk to your loved one’s doctor or nurse to find out what sort of special care your loved one might need. Comfort Keepers of Waco, TX can help you determine if an experienced caregiver may be able to help give your senior a boost in recovering faster with the help of eldercare.

Let Comfort Keepers Help Your Loved One Transition Home

If you provide care for your senior loved one then you know that even at the best of times the job of providing elder care is a difficult one. Now that your loved one has spent time in the hospital after an illness or surgery you are wondering if you are going to have the hours in the day or the skills to help them when they come home. You are right to worry. Transitioning care is critically important to your loved one’s recovery and making sure it goes smoothly can ensure they do not need to make a repeat visit.

We Can Ease Your Loved One’s Transition

Your loved one may not always need help with some of the simplest tasks such as getting out of bed or taking a shower, but if they have an injury or surgery, these tasks may be more difficult than you realize. If you are uncertain how to safely help your loved one get up out of bed, or in to the shower, these are an example of what our in-home senior care can help with. We can also take the pressure off you by helping with the household activities and errands and communicating with your loved one’s medical team.

Let Us Help You Offer Your Senior the Very Best in Transitioning Care

We consider our partnership with you to be a team effort in ensuring your loved one gets the best care. We can start helping you to ensure that the speediest recovery when you contact us online anytime or give us a call at (254) 523-4234. We can offer you much of the information you might need over the phone, but we are also more than happy to meet with you during one of our free in-home consultations where we can show you how our elder care can help.   

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