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Senior Care Your Loved One Deserves in Lubbock, TX 

Learn more about how our senior care can help your mom or dad in Lubbock, TX and the Surrounding Area

At Comfort Keepers, senior care is all about Interactive Caregiving, a caregiving philosophy that changed the industry and enabled older adults to get high-quality care they can actually be a part of.

Namely, with one-size-fits-all care options and pre-determined plans that leave no room for flexibility of any kind, seniors do not have much of a say in the care they are receiving. With Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving, on the other hand, they can be as involved in their care as they can or want, enjoying much greater freedom and elevated independence as they age.

Interactive Caregiving was designed in order to improve life quality in senior years. It is based on a holistic approach to care where caregivers engage the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, for the ultimate senior care experience at home.

Interactive Caregiving for a Happier Life in Senior Years

When faced with the notion that they need care, most seniors are understandably frustrated. It is not easy being independent and self-sufficient for almost an entire lifetime and then needing help with daily activities. Just a couple of decades ago, seniors only had a couple of options – they could either go to a nursing home or move in with their adult children. Either way, it was a loss of independence. Perhaps due to this now-outdated notion that senior care equals complete dependence on others there continues to be a fear or even dread of the very idea of needing care in senior years.

However, things have really changed. With Comfort Keepers, older adults do get help and support with everyday tasks but in a way that works for them and allows them to easily maintain their routine and continue doing all those things they love. Our caregivers do not just visit a client, robotically perform all the activities required, and leave. Instead, they focus on getting to know the person and engaging them in various activities, from cooking to playing games or attending social events. This way, our clients get genuine support that lets them maintain their independence with a little help from friendly, compatible caregivers and can truly enjoy their golden years regardless of health, mobility or other age-related challenges.

The Interactive Caregiving Difference

Interactive Caregiving is based on 4 key elements:

  • Physical activity, improving health, mood, and overall well-being
  • Mental activity, keeping the brain sharp and alert
  • Proper nutrition, preventing health problems and managing existing conditions
  • Safety, minimizing the risk of falls and accidents

Another vital component of our senior care is companionship. Caregivers prevent loneliness and isolation by engaging clients in conversation and providing them with plenty of opportunities for socialization.

With Interactive Caregiving, your loved one can receive top-quality care at home based on their needs, schedule, routine, and interests. They can prolong independent living, participate in activities that make them happy, and live an overall good life as they age. To get started with our services, please contact our office today!

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