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2575 Willow Point Way #107, Knoxville, Tennessee 37931 Coronavirus update

Types Of Home Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Knoxville, Tennessee.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Elderly Care

Comfort Keepers quality at-home elderly care solutions

The demand for at-home caregiving services has gone up a lot in recent years. Today, seniors of Knoxville, TN, choose to live at home whenever that's possible. The good news is that there are quality elderly care services to meet the demands of local seniors and families. There are a few things to consider if you or a loved one needs caregiver support to get by at home.

Types Of Senior Care Available In Knoxville

The majority of older adults who live at home need non-medical help. This can include everyday housekeeping to allow folks to live at home in comfort and safety. Some need support at the more personal level, especially those with mobility issues or a little cognitive decline.

We can break the types of senior at-home care down into the following four categories:

  1. General (domestic) elderly care: Laundry, meal prep, cleaning, light housework, etc.
  2. Personal (intimate) care: Toileting, bathing & grooming, mobility assistance, feeding, etc.
  3. Specialized services: Dementia care, 24-hour care, respite care, and so on
  4. Miscellaneous care: Transportation (door-to-door rides), companionship, others

Some older adults only need a little support, others a lot, and the rest somewhere between the two. The point is that many local seniors can live independent lives at home today if they wish to. Comfort Keepers customize each program because individual circumstances and needs differ. Once you know the type of home care the next job is to find a qualified caregiver to meet those needs.

Where To Find At-Home Elderly Care Workers

There are three options to source qualified caregivers in Knoxville, TN. These include:

  1. Local registries
  2. Independents (freelancers)
  3. Employment-based agencies

Registries and freelancers provide a pool of qualified caregivers. This option will suit folks who want to do their own background checks and take on the role of employer. That means dealing with employee tax withholdings, insurance coverage, and all other associated admin.

Those who don't want the hassle prefer the employment-based agency approach. A reputable caregiver agency manages all employee details so that clients don't have to.

Contact us if you'd like to explore the options best suited to you and your needs. You can send us a message or call directly to schedule a free and open consultation in-home care solutions.

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