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Knoxville, Tennessee
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Call (865) 214-6787 | 2575 Willow Point Way #107, Knoxville, Tennessee 37931 Coronavirus update
2575 Willow Point Way #107, Knoxville, Tennessee 37931 Coronavirus update

Care Management

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Creating Your Care Plan With Comfort Keepers in Knoxville, TN

Manage your care efficiently with a custom senior care plan

No one knows your loved one better than the people nearest to his or her heart.  That’s why we listen closely to you, your family, and your loved one to understand where support is needed most through senior at home care in or around Knoxville and East Tennessee.  Through a discovery process led by our nurse care managers, we learn about your loved one’s health, personality, interests, and living environment.  Then, using our specially designed care assessment, we combine your input with proven best practices and expert recommendations to develop a customized care plan that best fits your loved one’s life. 

  • An initial assessment and periodic reassessments of care needs and plan changes
  • A customized plan of care
  • Family communication scheduling
  • Physician appointment scheduling and coordination and attendance with reporting to the family if desired
  • Multi-care and specialist coordination and communication

Dedicated Care Management

Throughout our entire care of your loved one, Comfort Keepers senior at home care managers will work with you and the staff so he or she receives the right care at the right time and from the right members of his or her customized care team.  The care managers are the family’s primary point of contact and the ones responsible for assessing and planning for your loved one’s needs.  This greatly simplifies your experience and provides levels of service and accountability you won’t find anywhere else.

Senior At Home Care Management

At Comfort Keepers, we understand the powerful and emotional connection of home to your loved one and your family.  By offering care management, we can help schedule basic home maintenance tasks, pet care, and even new technology set-ups are completed so that small problems don’t become larger ones.  This not only helps to keep your loved one in a safe living environment but also gives you added peace of mind.  Whether you live out of state or around the corner from your loved one, you can rest assured that Comfort Keepers at home healthcare services and management experts are overseeing snow removal, lawn maintenance, and even coordinating the repair of appliances.  You loved one has his or her own personal concierge to call upon with Comfort Keepers care management.

Our Home Services Care Management can help with:

  • Home maintenance, upkeep, and repairs
  • Appliance repair or replacement
  • Lawn care and snow removal
  • Gardening and weeding
  • Safety upgrades and home modifications
  • Pet care
  • Technology set-up assistance (networking, TV, home security systems, etc.)

Could one of you loves ones benefit from extra assistance at home?  We’re here to help. 

Contact us today to learn more about our senior at home care management and plans. (865) 214-6787.