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Signs of Fraud Against Seniors

Senior Care Agencies of Comfort Keepers in Cherry Hill, NJ

Senior Care Agencies Weigh In On The Signs Of Scams Against Seniors

Seniors are one of the groups that are the most often targeted by scammers. More than 20 million seniors every year are the victim of some type of scam. These scams can be done over the phone or online. Seniors who are victimized by scammers can end up losing their life savings, their identity, or their health if they take fake prescription drugs.

Knowing what signs to look for can help keep your senior loved one safe from being scammed. And caregivers from senior care agencies can help too, because they can be with your senior loved one when you can’t be. According to the caregivers from senior care agencies who work closely with seniors around the country these are the most common signs of a scam that targets seniors:

Phone Calls

Phone scams targeting seniors are very common. If your senior loved one gets calls from a number that they don’t recognize it could be a scam. Here are some of the other signs that a phone call could a scam:

  • The caller won’t say what company they work for.
  • The caller doesn’t know important biographical details about your senior loved one.
  • The caller says that your senior has won something but has to pay money up front for “fees”.
  • The caller is pretending to be a relative or a friend of a relative that needs money.
  • The calls are offering discount prices on prescription drugs or health services.

Internet Scams

Internet scams are becoming more and more common. Scammers target seniors because they think that seniors aren’t as Internet savvy as other age groups. The workers at senior care agencies say that these are sure signs that something online is a scam:

  • A message on social media from an account that is brand new asking for money.
  • A friend request from someone claiming to be a relative, a member of the armed forces, or a foreign dignitary.
  • Emails with suspicious links in them.
  • Emails asking for credit card or banking information.

How Senior Care Agencies Can Help

Caregivers from senior care agencies in Cherry Hill, NJ can help your loved one stay protected from scams by helping them go online safely. A home caregiver can also answer the phone for your loved one and handle any calls that seem to be scams. If you want to know more about how your senior loved one can protect themselves from scams and how a caregiver can help call us today.