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Call (603) 536-6060 | 12 Yeaton Rd, Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264 Coronavirus update
12 Yeaton Rd, Plymouth, New Hampshire 03264 Coronavirus update

Reducing Effects of Senior Isolation

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Reduce Negative Effects Of Isolation With In Home Care From Comfort Keepers Plymouth, NH

Learn more about how in home care can help your loved one living alone in Plymouth, NH and surrounding communities

Approximately 28% of adults over the age of 65 reside alone, according to the US Census Bureau, causing cases of isolation to increase nationally. Not only is isolation lonely, it can have devastating health side effects if left unchecked including increased risk of mental and physical health problems, high blood pressure, depression and other problems. Comfort Keepers is pleased to offer our in home care and companion care services to help mitigate these risks and allow your elderly loved one to continue living at home alone safely and happily.

Comfort Keepers companionship in home care options provide your senior loved one with the social activity and engagement they need to keep their health at optimal levels. Our senior care workers are trained to provide services such as meal preparation, mobility assistance, light housekeeping, bathing and more. While performing these routine tasks, caregivers engage their senior clients with conversation, sharing stories, memories, advice, interests and more. These interactions work to form a significant bond that goes beyond caregiving and becomes more like friendship, and often becomes familial over time. An additional benefit of this close companionship is the watchdog-like role care providers play when it comes to spotting new health changes early, limiting the likelihood of long-term illness and even death.

Our caregivers also work to incorporate community activities into your senior loved one’s care plan. At Comfort Keepers in Plymouth, NH we work with community agencies and service providers to find important resources, events, activities and information that seniors can utilize in their daily lives. This can mean finding events and activities at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center, swimming at the Pemi Baker Community Health Center or taking a walk or picnic through a local park. Even if your loved one is limited in his or her abilities, we will find a way to engage them and improve their lives.

Are you read to take the next step and find out more about Comfort Keepers in home care to reduce isolation for seniors living in Plymouth, NH and surrounding communities? Contact us today at (603) 536-6060 to learn more.