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Senior Care is a Family Issue

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Henderson, Nevada.

Senior Home Care is a Family Issue in Henderson, NV

Choosing Senior Home Care in Henderson, NV and the Surrounding Area Should Involve the Whole Family

Finding the right care plan for an aging loved one is a mix of finding the right medical care, daily needs support, and social support. Your family is an important part of what makes a good care plan, and even when you’ve chosen senior home care to help provide for your loved one, everyone benefits from family members who are active and engaged with the care plan. Comfort Keepers of Henderson, NV is here to help you with every decision you make. Call us at (702) 323-0992.

Why is family so important with senior home care?

Aging has an impact on cognitive ability, mobility, personality and many other factors that impact how your elder family member is able to care for themselves and interact with others. Seniors may face multiple health concerns, loss of physical or cognitive function, and loss of their social network. Because of these factors, it’s more important than ever that their family be involved in their lives and their care.

Whether your family has chosen a nursing home, assisted living, or senior home care as the right plan for your loved one here in Henderson, there is no one better able to advocate for them than their family. Family members can communicate likes and dislikes, habits, routines, concerns and other things that make them a unique individual. Without this advocacy, a senior’s care plan may fall short of what it could be.

How should my family plan for senior home care?

No single family member should bear the responsibility of caregiving alone. It’s important for the whole family to be involved in planning and providing for the needs of an elderly loved one. Your family might prioritize which family member takes responsibility for a particular aspect of caregiving based on geographic proximity or scheduled availability. Having these conversations and making these decisions as a family means that everyone can be on board with the care plan.

Common needs for elderly family members include home maintenance, general housekeeping, bill paying and financial management, or resolving insurance and medical claim issues. Make a plan as to who will be responsible for which needs, knowing that the more engaged your family is, the better you’ll all be able to provide for your loved one.

It’s important that family members regularly visit an aging loved one. As you brighten their day, you can also monitor their health and mental status, and share any concerns you might have with their senior home care provider. You may find that their care plan needs to be adjusted over time, to address changing circumstances.

How do I know what senior home care plan in Henderson, NV is right for my parent?

If your family hasn’t chosen a senior home care plan for your aging loved one, review these questions and consider what the right options might be for your family.

Have you ever had a conversation with your elder loved one about the kind of care they want? Have other members of your family?

  • How will the care be funded? Who is responsible for the financial management of the care plan?
  • What is the safest, most comfortable, most appropriate care option for my parent?
  • What types of help are needed (bathing, eating, transportation, mobility, memory care, etc.)?
  • How do my parent's religious affiliation and other personal preferences influence the type of care we choose?
  • What types of care are available in my area? How do they differ? And how does each one address my parent’s needs?
  • What information has their medical provider given about the care my parent needs?

Choosing the best senior home care option here in Clark County is a difficult decision. Involving family members helps ensure that you consider all factors and choose the best possible solution for your loved one.

To learn more about our senior home care services, contact our office on N Green Valley Pkwy. We proudly serve Henderson, NV and the surrounding area. Please call us at (702) 323-0992.