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Top 3 Benefits of Using Senior Care Services

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Most senior citizens do not want to leave their house and live out their days in an assisted living facility. They'd much prefer to stay in their own home, where they've been for so many years and have precious memories. However, this can be tough on their loved ones, especially if the person in question has more advanced health problems or limited mobility. Senior care services can be a godsend in this case. They'll send a person to your loved-one's home and will take care of them when you're unable. If you have a busy life and need someone to look after your mother, father, or grandparent, but they'd like to stay in their own home, you can choose an agency specializing in senior care at home.

How Do Senior Care Services Work?

Every year, over eight million people get long-term senior care. As the United States continues to gray, that number will probably increase -- there are almost 50 million senior citizens currently in the United States. Senior care services are a wonderful option for keeping a loved one at home, especially if you need dementia care, respite care, or end of life care.

There's a wide range of senior care services -- from providing companionship or taking over some household duties, to giving loved ones respite care so they can take care of their own lives and needs. Hospice care support services and live-in care is also usually offered under the umbrella of senior care services. They can also help with meals and nutrition and getting your loved one around when he or she needs transportation.

You'll be working with a caregiver from the agency or network you choose. Depending on the type of care, you may work directly with a few different people, or just one.

What are Some Benefits of Using Senior Care Services?

Maintaining Independence and Dignity

Your loved one has worked hard to create a home and comfortable environment for himself or herself over the years, and for many, leaving the home means giving up the independence they're used to. It may feel undignified for them to go to an assisted living facility or nursing home. In home care allows them to maintain both that sense of dignity and their independence.

Peace of Mind for Loved Ones

Even if we want our loved one to stay in the home, we might feel anxious about them being unattended for long period of times, not getting the right nutrition, being lonely, or feel frazzled at balancing their care and needs with our own busy schedules. In home care gives us a little more peace of mind when it comes to knowing that our loved one is safe and sound at home.

One on One Care

In home care services also ensure that our loved ones are getting personalized care, specific to their needs. At a nursing home or assisted living facility, that's not as possible, and for senior citizens with Alzheimer's, or other more particular needs, one on one care can make a big difference.

Where Can I Find Good Home Care?

Your doctor might be able to recommend a good in home health care service to you, especially if you're looking for something more specific like dementia care or end of life care. If your loved one is eligible for Medicare, look through the Medicare guide for rated agencies to help narrow things down.

Some employment registries will also have lists of available home health aides or nurses who are available as well. And looking online to see who's local in your area can also be a good way to start.

If possible though, a personal recommendation is the best way to go -- either through your doctor, family members, or friends, who have worked with an agency or specific healthcare professional.

Healthcare decisions are often weighty ones and it can be stressful negotiating wants and desires on both sides, with what's practical and safe for everyone. Senior health care services can be instrumental in making sure that everyone gets what they need.