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981 Del Mar Dr, Lady Lake, Florida 32159 Coronavirus update

Stress Management

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Lady Lake, Florida.

Companion Care offered by Comfort Keepers in The Villages, FL

Mitigating Stress in Old Age with the Help from Companion Care from Comfort Keepers in The Villages, FL, and surrounding areas

One thing that must be mitigated as your loved one gets older is stress levels. Stress is the silent killer and can still have a great effect on your loved one, even after retirement. This may occur because your loved one feels as if he or she has no control over his or her life and companion care can help with dealing with those feelings.

How to Release Stress

Losing control of things isn’t the only thing that may cause your loved one to feel stressed. Getting older brings along many new ailments and diseases that can affect your loved one. Stress can wear on your loved one so it is vital to get control of it before it gets out of hand with the help of companion care.

  • Reading keeps the mind young and gives your loved one a chance to step away from the real world and forget about the stressors present in his or her life.
  • Meditation can help with peace of mind and clarity. Just taking a few minutes out of the day to breathe can help release stress.
  • Laughter is said to be the best medicine, which is definitely the case when it comes to relieving stress. Having a laugh with family and friends or watching a funny show can go a long way.
  • Animals can be great stress relievers because of the playfulness they exude. Your loved one can benefit from the comradery of a pet or spend time with someone else’s.
  • Exercise is known to invigorate people and take their minds off things that are bothering them. Your loved one could adopt a basic exercise routine with permission from a doctor.

Let Comfort Keepers® Aid in Stress Relief

We at Comfort Keepers® in The Villages, FL can assist your loved one with stress relief and other daily activities in this or her own home so he or she can live the best possible life while still remaining self-sufficient. Our highly qualified Comfort Keepers® can administer companion care and provide good company to best accommodate your loved one, whether it’s all the time or just every now and then.

If you want to learn more about our companion care, contact us at (352) 221-9583 or check out our website here. We hope you will reach out so we can give your loved one the care he or she deserves!