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Senior Serving Sizes

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Adequate Portions for Seniors

Oftentimes seniors consume portions that are simply too large. These larger portions contain more calories and condition seniors to overeat.

Those seniors who fail to stay diligent about the portions that they eat tend to gain unwanted weight, among other physical side effects, which could result in using adult home care. In order to prevent this from happening, follow these tips listed below:

Don’t Skip Meals, Eat Three a Day

Meals should never be skipped and should be had three times a day, with a few snacks mixed in. Skipping meals will just cause seniors to be even hungrier when they eat next, which results in overeating, which could end up in needing adult home care. There should never be more than five hours between each meal.

Drink Water and Prevent Dehydration

Water is another key in making sure portions are at the very least adequate. Drinking water doesn’t make seniors hungry and curbs calorie intake. It also prevents dehydration, which is an issue for seniors (

Use Smaller Plates to Avoid Overeating

The size of the serving is often decided by the size of the plate. Seniors usually finish whatever is on their plate, so overeating becomes a real problem. Using smaller plates can help halt that.

Fill Up on Nutritious Foods

Another good strategy is to fill up on foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins rather than eating a bunch of sweets and fatty foods.

Measure Out Portions

The measurement of portions can be done with a variety of tools, such as cups, scales, and spoons. These can be used initially, but once the proper portions are decided it can be eyeballed.

Take Half Home

Dining out can mess up the portions that seniors eat due to the size of the servings at restaurants. It is best for seniors to take half of their meal home or share it with others.

Although it might seem like smaller portions would result in seniors being hungry all the time, frequently eating smaller and more adequate portions will eventually get them full while helping them maintain a good weight.

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