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Comfort Keeper’s Senior Mind Focused Home Care for Elderly Loved Ones

Involved Minds Stay Stronger Due to Comfort Keepers' Home Care for Elderly Family Members

Are you or a loved thinking about home care for elderly family members? As time passes, life can take a toll on individuals’ minds, but healthy lifestyle choices can play an impactful function in avoiding memory loss and weakened cognitive abilities. Comfort Keepers®’ “home care for elderly” professionals have widespread experience helping senior loved ones maintain beneficial routines that benefit their health and happiness.  

Staying Active is Beneficial

Most people know that daily movement benefits the heart, but not a lot are aware of exercise’s beneficial influence on the mind. Some doctors even believe that regular activity can stave off dementia. One study that explored this idea tracked the health of women over 65, and how many blocks they walked on average. Predictably, those who walked more blocks were less likely to experience a decline in their mental abilities.

At Comfort Keepers, our home care for elderly professionals can aid older individuals with activities that safely encourage healthy movement, while keeping in mind the specific physical needs of the client.

Mental Exercises Is Vital for Improved Cognitive Abilities

In the same way that working out leads to strong muscles, mental exercises can bolster strong minds. Researchers discovered that even activities like using a computer or doing art can slow the effects of aging on the senior brain.

Comfort Keepers professionals work with their clients to find hobbies that they value, and that brings them happiness and positive mental engagement. Common activities include board games, puzzles, sewing, and baking. We cater to our clients’ interests and abilities in order to offer the utmost mental exercises.

Socializing Leads to a Healthy Mind

For senior loved ones, loneliness can have a negative effect on mental health and mental agility. Interacting with others provides mental exercise and encourages long-term memory.

At Comfort Keepers, home care for elderly when selecting our caregiving professionals, we considered their capabilities and their innate sense of compassion. We cultivated a team of caretakers who demonstrate a genuine interest in forging strong connections with seniors. Through our unique Interactive Caregiving™ approach, our caregivers provide clients with real relationships that add regular mental abilities to their routines.

We Help Seniors with Fading Mental Functions

Comfort Keepers home care for the elderly provides direct support to senior loved ones whose decreased mental faculties can make important tasks more challenging. Assistance provided includes:

  • Reminders to take medications and eat regularly
  • Helping with chores, such as cooking or light cleaning
  • Driving and performing errands
  • Support during mood-lifting activities

Our experienced team has worked with many older adults with diseases like Alzheimer's, and we can lend thorough recommendations for how we can best assist. Additionally, we offer seniors and their families the flexibility to customize their programs to address their individual needs and lifestyle.

Contact Comfort Keepers home care for the elderly today at (561) 203-3402 to learn more about our home care for the elderly and help your senior loved one stay mentally and emotionally engaged!

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