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CES 2020: Technology for Health and Senior Care Takes Center Stage

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place yearly in Las Vegas to showcase a new crop of technology. We’re excited to share about technology being created to improve seniors’ quality of life by bringing them closer to their families and making their lives easier.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) takes place yearly in Las Vegas to showcase a new crop of technology. We’re excited to share about technology being created to improve seniors’ quality of life by bringing them closer to their families and making their lives easier. At Comfort Keepers®, we know that emerging technology and devices can improve the top-of-the-line care that family caregivers and our Comfort Keepers® provide to help our seniors live fulfilling and independent lives. 


#AGETECH is growing rapidly to improve senior quality of life

Forbes Magazine defined “AgeTech” as the growing area of technology that seeks to improve the quality of life for seniors with devices that assist them, their families, and their caregivers.    “AgeTech” is fast growing, with technology innovations focusing on seniors aging in place, making daily tasks easier and connection faster in the moments that matter.

Elevating the Human Spirit through technology

Technology is putting the best health information at the fingertips of both caregivers and seniors. Tools that improve communication between seniors and healthcare professionals caught our attention as well as technology that brings confidence to caregivers and families who can rest assured that their loved ones are safe and healthy.

Here are the four devices that we hope will benefit our seniors and their families:

  • HeardThat, machine learning that augments hearing aid performance
  • CarePredict, wearable tech to help keep seniors safe at home
  • Pria, Black+Decker’s smart home hub that can dispense medication
  • CARU, the voice-activated “digital flatmate” that helps seniors stay connected

HeardThat, a smartphone app pairs with Bluetooth hearing aids for enhanced hearing

Anytime we find tools to improve connection and engagement, we pay attention. HeardThat improves communication for the impaired by turning a smartphone into a hearing assistant, helping to tune out background noise to enable seniors with hearing loss to hear their loved ones more clearly, which allows them to engage in conversations they would otherwise have trouble hearing.   

Functioning with an everyday smartphone, this tool will improve daily life for seniors everywhere who struggle with noise distractions. This brings us joy because we know that communication is fundamental to keeping seniors engaged, fulfilled, and connected with loved ones, friends, and caregivers. This is something we can all celebrate!

CarePredict, 24/7 monitoring when caregivers or family aren’t available

Staying connected and informed with our seniors when we are away brings the peace of mind that family and caregivers need. CarePredict aims to keep an eye on seniors at home using a wearable device that monitors changes in routine and movement. By being aware of a senior's routine changing, caregivers can step in more quickly when there’s a safety concern. 

In addition to 24/7 monitoring activity, CarePredict alerts caregivers to other activities and behaviors that may be indicators to shifts in physical or mental health. 

Pria allows seniors to focus on everyday moments of joy.

Our mission to Elevate the Human Spirit is central to everything our caregivers do on a daily basis, and we strive to make the most of everyday moments for our seniors. Pria shares a similar goal by working to help seniors and family caregivers focus more on the uplifting moments that matter in life and less on daily tasks, such as remembering to take their medication on time.  


Pria, a pharmacist in the home

Pria by Black+Decker is a “smart technology with a heart” and is designed to assist those living independently by merging a smart home with a pharmacist. Pria can record, store, and dispense up to 28 doses of medication, all while delivering alerts and answering questions seniors or caregivers may have. With the smartphone app, facial recognition, and two-way video calling, Pria provides an unmatched safety guarantee for seniors. With this innovation, caregivers and family members can feel assured that medicines will be dispensed on time and tracked, even when we are away.

CARU, making communication easier

CARU, one of Switzerland’s AgeTech companies, has created a solution that breaks the barrier of human communication. The device makes voice communication easier by removing common technical barriers. Activated by voice, the device doesn’t require any technical ability to operate. In addition, CARU is equipped with smart sensors that can monitor wellness and report any deviations from routine tasks. With the removal of tactile barriers, CARU makes communication with loves ones easier than ever.

In our 2019 study with Stanford University, our research found that Social engagement matters. Seniors who are more socially engaged are significantly healthier and happier than isolated seniors.1 Solutions like CARU, with the ease of use creates opportunity where only barriers existed previously. 

Technology improves, but people are what fulfill us

Steve Jobs once said:

“Technology is nothing. What's important is that you have a faith in people, that they're basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.”

At Comfort Keepers, we empower our caregivers with the tools and technology they need to continue to bring security, reassurance, and joy to families and their loved ones. Today’s technology is a tool to keep the seniors we care for both safe and connected with family and caregivers in an age of growing digital isolation. 

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