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Why Hire In-Home Help for the Elderly?

If you are looking for reasons and advantages to hiring in home help for the elderly, here's a list of considerations to help you make the decision.

Uprooting yourself and leaving home can be difficult and heartbreaking. That's why most seniors prefer staying home instead of moving into long-term care facilities. In-home help for the elderly is a great way for your loved one to keep their independence, receive professional care, eliminate loneliness and remain safe. If your loved one only needs minimal assistance, in home care can be a great solution. In home help ranges from medical assistance to basic household chores. Deciding which services are needed is important. You and your loved one should discuss requirements, so they are included in the decision-making process. 

Before making a choice, the first step in figuring out in home help for the elderly is clarifying the following needs:

  • Household Maintenance 
    Running a household and keeping it clean is a lot of work. In home care can extend a hand in assisting with basic household chores such as cleaning, laundry, cooking and more.
  • Transportation 
    Getting to the doctor or the grocery store may be an obstacle for some seniors. In home care providers such as Comfort Keepers© can provide transportation to and from different places so your loved one can stay active and social.
  • Home Modifications 
    Keeping your loved one's home safe is very important. Hiring professionals to keep their home accident-proof is very important. Incorporating ramps, shower seats and more is a great way to keep seniors safe in their own home. Comfort Keepers also provides a wonderful line of technology solutions.
  • Personal Care 
    Some seniors are unable to perform basic personal care activities such as bathing, dressing or feeding. Hiring someone to help may be necessary for your loved one.
  • Health Care 
    Some health care service providers have a trained staff of professionals comprised of medication assistants, home health nurses and other skilled individuals. This may be necessary for those who are unable to perform basic health care needs on their own.

Finding the right home care service is very important. Asking friends, family, and co-workers can be the best way to get information on the topic or reviewing personal testimonies from existing clients can help. If that doesn't work, contacting a local agency and asking for information is another great way to learn more about in home help for the elderly.

Help for your loved one will benefit not only them but you, and the rest of your family as well. For more information on Comfort Keepers and the different options for in home help for the elderly, contact us today.

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