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Legal Considerations

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Legal Considerations That Will Make Your Loved One's Life Easier in Elder care

Eldercare recommends that you prepare for emergencies before they happen

No one wants to think about legal matters, especially after hiring elder care services. Besides the idea that they are often boring and time-consuming, they are very stressful and emotional, particularly if we are talking about wills and medical directives. They remind us of our own mortality, but legal considerations are not only important when it comes to our lives. They can make the lives of our loved ones much easier while the lack of legal documentation can put an undue burden on them.

All seniors, no matter how healthy they are, should choose a healthcare proxy and make it official. This person will be charged with making medical decisions on their behalf if they are unable to do so on their own. It is important that this person is not only trustworthy but also would naturally tend to make the sort of decision that your loved one would make for themselves. Often, this person is not a close relative.

Alongside a healthcare proxy, eldercare recommends your loved one should consider outlining a medical directive. This will make life much easier for their proxy who will know what to do in the event that your loved one needs life support, a feeding tube, or intravenous fluids to survive.

Further, all seniors should organize their most important personal documents and tell the significant people in their lives where they are located. This will make it much easier to find crucial documents in the event of an emergency. These documents should include the following: birth certificate, social security records, health and life insurance information, including policy numbers, names and addresses of primary care physician and medical specialists as well as medical history, special arrangements made for health care, including advance directives, funeral prearrangements, Medicare documents, trust documents, will, sources of income and assets, bank statements and safe deposit box locations, mortgage papers, investment records, negotiable securities, credit card information, most recent income tax return, loan papers, military discharge papers, marriage license, and divorce papers.

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