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Recognizing and Dealing With Hearing Loss

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Covington, Tennessee.

Recognizing the Signs of Hearing Loss and How At Home Health Services Can Help Your Loved One in Covington, TN

Comfort Keepers provides information and insights regarding hearing loss and how at home health services can be of assistance to seniors in Covington, TN, and the surrounding areas

Aging-related hearing loss is very common. In fact, nearly half of seniors aged 65 or older experience hearing loss. If you suspect that your loved one is dealing with hearing loss, here’s what you need to know. 

Signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss often happens slowly and is left ignored or unnoticed for many years. That’s why it’s important to watch for signs of hearing loss in your senior and take proactive steps in bettering their at home health. Some indicators of hearing loss are:

  • Asking you to repeat words
  • Turning the TV up higher than they used to
  • Trouble hearing in a noisy background
  • Frequently mishearing or misunderstanding
  • Having trouble understanding someone over the phone
  • Complaining of pain or ringing in their ears

What causes hearing loss?

As we get older, the structure of the inner ear changes. Inner-ear nerves and the tiny hairs that transmit sound can become damaged. Plus, the brain changes as we age, which can make it harder for us to process sound.

Hearing loss can also be caused by excessive exposure to loud noises, diabetes, poor circulation, and some medications.

What to do if your loved one has hearing loss

If you suspect that your loved one’s at home health is diminishing and they are experiencing hearing loss, have them schedule a doctor’s appointment to rule out any other causes of hearing loss. For example, earwax buildup can cause hearing loss, which is easily fixed by removing the blockage. 

Your senior’s doctor may refer them to an audiologist to get a hearing test. This will help you figure out how much hearing loss your loved one has. Depending on the severity of hearing loss, the audiologist might recommend a hearing aid or a cochlear implant to improve hearing. They may also recommend an assistive device, such as a telephone amplifier or a personal listening device.

If your loved one is dealing with hearing loss, try and be compassionate when they have trouble understanding you, instead of getting frustrated. When you speak to them, make sure that you’re face to face so that they can hear you better, and speak clearly and slowly. 

How Comfort Keepers Can Help

Our caregivers and the at home health services we provide at Comfort Keepers Home Care in Covington, TN can help your loved one stay safe in public places where they may not hear warning signs of danger. They can also help them with interactions at a store, bank, or pharmacy, where your loved one may have trouble hearing.

If the senior or older adult in your life is experiencing hearing loss and would benefit from at home health services, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.