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Springfield, Pennsylvania
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Call (610) 563-2968 | 920 W Sproul Rd #001, Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064 Coronavirus update
920 W Sproul Rd #001, Springfield, Pennsylvania 19064 Coronavirus update

Sitter Hospital Facility Senior Services

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Hospital Facility Home Care Aide Companion Care Services in Springfield, PA

Seniors diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer's often become confused and agitated when faced with a new environment such as hospital room. The seniors can become agitated with nursing staff often wanting to get out of bed repeatedly, wander out of hospital room and/or become verbally and physically abusive towards staff. Having a senior who has the potential to wander off in a hospital can be very stressful for family members who have to work and are unable to stay with them all hours of the day.

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These behaviors can be decreased by having a home care aide, a one-on-one companionand advocate to stay with the patient while services in the hospital are performed. Comfort Keepers offers hospital sitter and companion care services.

What are the reasons a family would hire a companion or hospital sitter to stay with senior loved one?

  • Decreases stress for family members - having a companion and sitter at bedside allows adult children to go to work worry-free that hospitalized loved one is being observed and will not wander or try to rise out of bed and fall.
  • Assists with calming and reassuring the Alzheimer's and dementia-diagnosed hospitalized patient.
  • Reports to Comfort Keepers Care Coordination Team any changes in patient's status and that information is relayed quickly to the family.
  • Independent living residents who are in need of a companion to remind and escort him or her to the dining room. Comfort Keepers offers 2-hour minimum visits with no frequency requirements.

If you are worried about a senior loved one with memory impairment who is hospitalized, give Comfort Keepers a call and ask how sitter services can make a difference.

Comfort Keepers also offers post-hospital senior companion care to support and provide assistance with daily tasks, making doctor appointments, meal preparation, and other daily tasks.

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