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One of the most common challenges that seniors face when living on their own is getting proper nutrition. Because of challenges with mobility, coordination, memory, or a host of other reasons, many seniors have difficulties preparing meals that meet their nutritional needs. Fortunately, with the help of an in-home care provider and our home health services in Temperance, MI, seniors can get the nutritional assistance they need to live happily and healthily on their own.

Why is Senior Nutrition Important?

As we age our natural appetites can change, and while this is normal, it can lead to some unhealthy changes. Because our metabolism slows as we get older and most people have reduced physical activity as they age, the number of calories we need decreases. Without regulating their diet to fit these new needs, many seniors run the risk of unhealthy weight gain or weight loss, as well as a weakened immune system which can leave them more susceptible to infections and illness. Additionally, many seniors must follow a strict diet based on medical recommendations due to an illness, condition or medication they may be taking.

How Our In-Home Care Services Can Help

Hiring a caregiver is one of the best ways to help a senior with nutrition assistance needs. Because they are there regularly with their clients, they are in a perfect position to provide continuous monitoring of their diet and eating habits. With a caregiver's assistance, seniors can easily follow a healthy meal plan that will support their own personal medical and health needs. Some of the ways that an in-home care provider can help include:

  • Preparing delicious meals and snack throughout the day
  • Creating a healthy meal plan that follows nutritionist guidelines
  • Assisting with feeding as well as provide a friendly environment for meals
  • Assisting with grocery shopping

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Did you know that nutrition is a challenge for many of our elders? This is often because of a lack of food due to difficulties being able to shop or because they don’t eat properly without senior care assistance to help them cook or prep food. There are also plenty of older people who just like to eat what they like, regardless of the doctor’s advice. Between not eating enough and not eating the right foods, many of our elders are falling through the gaps and simply not getting the nutrition they need to combat medical complications and the effects of age-related diseases. Seniors who do not stay properly hydrated are likely to see effects on their bodies as well. One of the easiest and most effective ways that you can help a body recuperate and function properly is by providing it with the right nutritional tools to do the job it was designed to. 

Focus on the Benefits of Diet and Nutritional Assistance

Senior care providers help those over the age of 65 to find and eat the nutritional foods they most need. Our aides can do this by being a part of the planning, prep and mealtime processes with our clients. Comfort Keepers in-home care serving Perrysburg, OH, is focused on making sure that all of the seniors in our area get what they need to thrive and to be healthy. This commitment to health is what has driven us to include diet and nutritional assistance within our senior care plans.

Following the direction of doctors, family and of course, their clients, eldercare professionals are able to do whatever is needed for the meal and snacking processes to be as healthy and complete as possible. They can take special diets into consideration and are often able to enforce cooperation from the most stubborn of seniors simply by being positive and encouraging while providing tips or education to their clients as they adapt to a lifestyle focused on independence and wellness.

Water Health Helps, Too

Seniors need to change both their eating habits and their drinking habits as they get older. Nutritionists advise drinking at least 8 cups of water, though some seniors may need more. Our home care aides keep this in mind and know the benefits for elders to stay hydrated. For this reason, they often recommend or remind clients to drink water and make sure it is on hand when needed.

Have Someone in Your Healthy Corner

Some seniors are resistant to changing their diet, especially if they recently were told to do so. See how a senior in-home care worker may be able to help you and a beloved elder in your life. To schedule a time to talk about all of your eldercare needs in Perrysburg, OH and surrounding communities, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page or give us a call at (419) 272-6633. We are sure to have the right services that will be a match to just what you’re looking for.