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Call (770) 232-6187 | 439 Green St, Gainesville, Georgia 30501 Coronavirus update
439 Green St, Gainesville, Georgia 30501 Coronavirus update

Senior Mind

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Gainesville, Georgia.

Senior Caregivers and the Senior Mind in Gainesville, GA

How senior caregivers in Gainesville and surrounding area can help with your loved one’s mental health

Think of the brain like a muscle: the more you work it out, the stronger and more resilient it becomes. As we age, we know that our muscles can change, and that changes in lifestyle can also affect our muscles. The same is true for mental health: the brain changes, but changes in lifestyle and activity can also impact the brain’s health. At Comfort Keepers, our senior caregivers work to incorporate the right kind of activities and exercises into our clients’ care plans to keep their bodies and minds healthy for longer.

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Just like regular physical exercise benefits the heart, regular mental exercise benefits the brain. Studies have shown that an increase in mental activity and exercise can even delay dementia and other health impacts. When you work with our senior caregivers to identify ways to improve your loved one’s health, you’ll have expert guidance and your loved one will have dedicated assistance. And just like with physical exercise, our senior caregivers make sure any physician directives are followed and that your loved one is safe at all times.

Mental exercises might include activities like:

  • Socializing, whether with friends, at church, or at the Gainesville Senior Life Center. Opportunities to meet new people, share stories, and get to know new friends are important to the brain’s memory center and also a mood booster.
  • Strategy games. Card games are often popular with our clients, as well as board games or puzzles. These games engage critical thinking and are also an opportunity to play with new and old friends, or to bond with your caregiver.
  • Pursuing hobbies. With senior caregivers’ help, our clients can access the resources they need to pursue a wide range of hobbies. Sewing, scrapbooking, genealogy, using a computer, and other hobbies all engage the brain while being pleasurable for your loved one to explore.

If your loved one is already experiencing changes in cognition and mental health, Comfort Keepers senior caregivers can help. Our services include medication reminders, reminders for medical appointments and transportation to any appointments, and assistance with regular meals and cooking. We know that setting a daily schedule, including a wake-up time, meal times, activity times, and bedtimes, can help maintain a sense of regularity and habit for your loved one.

If you’re helping to care for a loved one who lives alone and you sense changes in their mental or physical wellbeing, Comfort Keepers of Gainesville is ready to help. Call us today at (770) 232-6187 to learn more about our comprehensive senior care services.