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Understanding Breast Cancer

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Gainesville, Florida.

Comfort Keepers Senior In Home Care in Gainesville, FL: Breast Cancer Prevention In Older Adults

Senior In Home Care experts discuss what your senior loved one can do to prevent breast cancer even at an advanced age in Gainesville, FL

Breast cancer is a serious disease. Many American women battle breast cancer and it is still the number two deadliest cancer for women. Fortunately, there are as many as three million survivors of breast cancer alive in America right now, which is proof of the fact that if caught early, breast cancer can be conquered successfully.

Age is a major factor when it comes to the development of cancer. Naturally, this makes breast cancer screening and prevention a major aspect of Comfort Keepers Home Careservices. Our caregivers help seniors on a daily basis practice good breast cancer prevention methods. Comfort Keepers senior in home care professionals are also there for seniors who do have breast cancer and are in treatment.

Before we get into risk factors, and prevention and screening methods, let's talk about what breast cancer actually is. Like all other cancers, breast cancer is a disease that comes about following a genetic mutation or abnormality in the genetic material charged with cell growth. These mutations and abnormalities can cause cells to begin growing irregularly and most often rapidly, producing tumors. Of course not all tumors are dangerous per say. Many are benign and not cancerous.  

When it comes to breast cancer, scientists have found that old age plays a major factor when it comes to risks. At the same time, often a family history of breast cancer can be an indicator as well.

Even though the mere thought of cancer can send shivers down the spines of most people, there are a number of precautionary measures to take to reduce one's risk of developing breast cancer. Doctors recommend quitting smoking and drinking, maintaining a healthy weight and a steady exercise routine, and reducing exposure to environmental radiation and pollution. Comfort Keepers senior in home care professionals regularly help seniors with all of the above.

Self-examination at home is a major aspect of breast cancer prevention. Many seniors face physical challenges that prevent them from carrying out home exams but Comfort Keepers senior in home care professionals can be there for them and do the test instead of them. At the same time, caregivers can take seniors for regular mammograms and to the doctor's office to make sure all the doctor prescribed screening takes place.

To find out more about breast cancer prevention and how Comfort Keepers senior in home care can help you make sure your loved one is doing all they can, please give us a call today!