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Seniors and Immunizations

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Gainesville, Florida.

Comfort Keepers Home Care for the Elderly and Immunizations in Gainesville, FL, and surrounding areas

Learn more about how important immunizations are for your senior loved one from the home care for the elderly providers – Comfort Keepers of Gainesville, FL

When we think of illnesses that threaten the livelihood of senior citizens, we may think of cancer, liver disease, or similar maladies.  However, there are many common infections that claim the lives of elderly citizens every year.  It’s important to know that for people at any age, these illnesses are very preventable through vaccination.  Vaccines, also known as immunizations, protect us by injecting moderate levels of infection into our systems.  This action trains our immune system to recognize the virus or bacteria so that when the invasion happens again, we will be well prepared.

If a senior citizen you know is not up to date on their vaccinations, please urge him or her to get them as soon as possible.

Our home care for elderly experts will help by listing some of the most important vaccines for seniors to get.

1. Flu Vaccine

Seniors, unfortunately, are only too vulnerable to the flu virus.  One reason is that they often have weakened immune systems. When your elderly loved one contract influenza, they are likely to be a victim to various complications that arise from influenza contraction.  Examples include the lung or nasal infections, and possibly even heart inflammation.

2. Shingles Vaccine

Shingles is a condition more common than one might think. Shingles is classified by a serious skin rash that can often include painful blistering. People who had chickenpox in childhood are most vulnerable to shingles since the dormant virus can come back to life in the form of this painful rash.

Shingles afflict as many as one in three adults. Our home care for the elderly experts urge anyone over the age of 50 should get the shingles vaccine and then keep it updated, as it remains effective for only five years.

3. T-Dap (Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis)

The T-Dap vaccine is a combination of immunizations against these three viral infections—and is now used as a replacement for the vaccine that protected against just Tetanus and Diphtheria.

These three infections have serious and often painful symptoms: Tetanus brings a painful tightening of the muscles; diphtheria causes serious respiratory complications, and pertussis is a violent cough commonly called whooping cough.

Comfort Keepers home care for the elderly recognizes that this vaccine is crucial for all seniors, particularly those who have frequent contact with infants.

4. Pneumonia

Pneumonia, a severe lung infection, results in 60,000 deaths a year and is particularly rough on the elderly.  The pneumonia vaccine is one-time.  Patients can get renewal vaccines five years or more after the initial one.

The facts tell us that it’s crucial for senior citizens to have current vaccinations for all these conditions.  It’s a small step towards a higher quality of life. Despite those individuals who speak adamantly against vaccinations, they cannot speak against their effectiveness in stopping the spread of deadly illnesses, especially for seniors.