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Aerobic Exercises for the Elderly

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Gainesville, Florida.

Aerobic Exercises For Elderly Home Care

It is vital to stay active regardless of age, but unfortunately, this becomes increasingly difficult for the elderly. Aerobic exercises are often the best way for the elderly to remain active and maintain heart health.

Aerobic exercises are classified into four types: endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. Forming a routine that covers each of these types can go a long way in terms of overall health and injury prevention. It is important, however, to run it by a doctor before your loved one starts any kind of exercise routine.

  • Walking:
    Walking is the perfect aerobic exercise for the elderly, as it is easy and doesn’t strain the joints. Along with being able to do it anywhere, walking is excellent for heart health. Stretching after a walk is a must though, as it can prevent potential injury and soreness.
  • Water Aerobics:
    Water aerobics is mostly used to build strength, but it offers heart health benefits as well. Not only does the water help build muscle, but the buoyancy also relieves pain.
  • Yoga:
    Yoga combines the four classifications of aerobic exercises, improving bone strength, blood pressure and helping to maintain a healthy weight. Your loved one can do yoga at home or sign up for a class, making it very accessible and convenient.
  • Tai Chi:
    Tai Chi covers two of the four types, serving to improve balance and flexibility. This type of aerobic exercise is very popular among the elderly and is very effective in treating pain in the knees, hips, and ankles.

Comfort Keepers® Can Assist You

We at Comfort Keepers® elderly home care in Gainsville, FL understand that it may be difficult for your loved one to stay active on his or her own. Please let our elderly home caregivers assist you so that your loved one can keep an active lifestyle and maintain good health. We can assign one of our Comfort Keepers® specifically for your loved one so that his or her unique needs are met, allowing for a happy and healthy life.

More information about how our elderly home caregivers can assist your loved one with his or her exercise routine is available by calling us at (352) 221-9244 or sending us a message.