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Controlling Stress

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Fresno, California.

How Our At Home Care Services Can Help Reduce Stress in Greater Fresno, CA

Comfort Keepers offers various at home care services that help seniors in Fresno, Clovis, Modesto, and nearby cities manage stress

Stress can really damage a senior’s health. Dealing with physical health problems as well as the challenges that come with retirement and aging can increase stress levels in seniors and make it difficult for them to enjoy the things they used to enjoy. But at home care services can make senior living easier by helping seniors decrease their stress levels.

Decreasing Stress Levels with Comfort Keepers

Managing stress is a big part of comfort care for seniors. Senior living aides can help seniors by doing household chores and other tasks that seniors might struggle to do on their own. They can also support seniors as they engage in activities that can reduce stress like:

  • Reading can transport your loved one into a different world where the things that cause them stress don’t exist, as well as keeping his or her mind sharp.
  • Meditation is a common way to decrease stress levels. Just a few moments a day can provide temporary serenity.
  • Laughter is another easy way to get rid of stress. Sitting down to watch a funny movie or joke with a friend or family member can make your loved one feel good.
  • Exercise is also an excellent way to release stress, along with keeping your loved one active and energized. A non-intensive workout regimen may be a good idea if permitted by a doctor and if needed with the help of eldercare.
  • Playing with pets can give your loved one a sense of joy and youthfulness that will take a weight off of his or her chest. Animals are also known to provide great company and support. If your senior loved one can’t have a pet of their own they can spend some time at the Valley Animal Center or the Central California SPCA volunteering to help socialize cats and dogs by hugging them and petting them. At home care services can help you're loved to get safely to and from the animal shelter.

Learn More Today About Our At Home Care Services

One of the best ways to help seniors live stress-free is for them to have the care and support of at home care services. Our caregivers can help seniors by helping them with chores that get more difficult as they age like cleaning, managing their medications, managing the bills, and doing the errands. If you have a senior loved one in Fresno, Clovis, Modesto, or a nearby city that is getting increasingly stressed out by the demands of senior living call us today to find out how our caregivers can help your loved one.