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24-Hour Care vs. Live-In Care

Comfort Keepers In-Home Care in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Are you in the process of selecting an in-home senior care plan for a loved one or yourself? It can be challenging to understand the different options available for in-home care today, and it's only more stressful when you have to make a decision quickly. Comfort Keepers of Flagstaff, AZ, features various in-home care options. If you're not sure about the differences between 24-hour in-home care and live-in care, check out the following information.  


What Is 24-Hour In-Home Care?


Many seniors have care needs that require a caregiver to be available 24 hours a day. 24-hour in-home care means that at least two caregivers work shifts to provide this coverage. Sometimes even three or four caregivers take turns providing care for clients. Typically, 24-hour in-home caregivers work an eight or 12-hour shift. They don't live on the premises and certainly don't sleep on the job either. The shift change is necessary to ensure that caregivers are refreshed and alert. 


24-hour caregivers may provide a range of services for clients that include help with personal needs, such as accessing the bathroom or bathing. Clients may need assistance feeding or help with medical equipment. In cases where the individual suffers from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, they may require a caregiver to monitor them and prevent them from wandering or doing something unsafe.  


Live-In Care


Live-in care is usually less intensive than 24-hour in-home senior care because the same caregiver can work a 24-hour shift. Typically, the caregiver is permitted to sleep during the evening when the client sleeps. Most live-in caregivers will only work a three-to-five day schedule before they're relieved by a different caregiver. Each agency may handle the scheduling a bit differently. A person who needs live-in care might benefit from the daily companionship and assistance of a caregiver. They may need light assistance bathing, for example, or with dressing. They do not, however, require assistance during the night except in rare instances. 


How Do I Know When In-Home Senior Care Flagstaff Is Needed?


Often, a healthcare provider or doctor makes a recommendation about the necessity of in-home care or suggests it as an alternative to care in an assisted living facility or nursing home. There are also some telltale signs to take note of that in-home care is needed: 


Mobility: the individual cannot walk around their home or outdoor property without some assistance. They may have a permanent condition or a temporary one (due to an injury or surgery) that makes them unsteady on their feet. In-home caregivers can provide assistance so that individuals can move about their house. 


Help with Personal Needs: some people not only have mobility issues, but they may be unable to move from their wheelchair to the toilet, for instance. They may need help with bathing, dressing, and feeding themselves. Caregivers provide the assistance that many seniors need with personal care, which allows them to remain comfortable in their own homes. 


Companionship: people who are confined to their homes can suffer a great deal of loneliness. If you or your loved one is home alone most days, you may benefit from a caregiver's companionship. Caregivers can also accompany their clients to doctor's appointments or on errands as needed.  


Supervision: seniors who have dementia or Alzheimer's disease may be prone to wandering or performing unsafe tasks. These individuals can benefit immensely from supervision. In-home senior care providers of Flagstaff can ensure that seniors who suffer from these conditions are always monitored and well cared for. 


If you need to make a decision about in-home senior care, Flagstaff, Comfort Keepers of Flagstaff, can help. We can answer all your questions and develop a care plan that's perfectly tailored to your needs or the needs of your loved one.