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February 25, 2014

Comfort Keepers® At Home Senior Care Technology Products

The use and increase of technology has made living and day to day exercises easier and safer for everybody, including those who participate in at home senior care. Comfort Keepers has adopted safety technological solutions that benefit both the senior and their family. Items such as emergency response systems and video monitoring give even distant family members peace of mind when they know that their loved one is safe at all times of the day. At home senior care technology will improve the health a number of different ways. For instance, there are items that will remind the senior to take their medicine at the right times of the day.

As the memory of seniors tends to fade as years go by, they may forget to take their medicine that will result in a possible hospitalization. Quick response systems are provided to seniors in case of an emergency or a fall. In the case of such an accident an alert will go off which will direct the nearest emergency medical vehicle to the place of the incident. The quick response time will enable the senior to receive the necessary help that they need in order to make the fastest recovery. 

Many seniors who receive in at home senior care are suffering from Alzheimer's or another dementia related conditions. Comfort Keepers offers a piece of technology that monitors the movements of those seniors who are suffering from these specific diseases and are susceptible to wandering without any recollection of where they may be. The window and door sensors are perfect for the elderly members who suffer from lack of memory. If a window or door is opened at an unwanted time, a sensor will alert the members at the Comfort Keepers Monitoring Center. 

Other items of technology that may be incorporated into the homes of seniors who decide to be apart of the Comfort Keeper family include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and bedside pressure mats. The bedside pressure mats are vital to any senior who is at risk for falling. When pressure is applied, the mats send a signal to the monitoring station to alert the designated response team. 

Call Comfort Keepers today to ask about more of the technological advances that are being introduced to at home senior care clients and to schedule your free in-home assessment!

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