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December 2, 2015

Apps to help you feel connected

As nice as the extra hour of sleep was when we moved our clocks back, it is not so nice how dark it is getting early in the day. With the normal business day ending as the sun is descending, most people are not getting home before the sun sets. With darker and shorter days comes higher risks for depression and loneliness. Even though it may seem unpreventable there are ways to not feel lonely and sad when the sun goes down. With technology, mainly smart phone apps, we can help prevent depression in ourselves, our family members, and our seniors we care for.

Here is a list of our top ten apps that are fun and can help you stay connected with loved ones or allow you to make yourself feel better

  1. Snap Chat– This app is for phones and iPads with cameras. It allows you to take silly pictures of yourself and send it to a friend or family member for less than ten seconds. It allows them to have a laugh but they cannot save it and can only view it for a few seconds.  This way you can be as funny as you want without the worry of it landing on social media websites!
  2. Words with Friends– This one if perfect for those who want to play when they have spare time. This app allows you to make a move and not have to again until you have more free time but still allows you to stay connected.
  3. Draw Something– Pictionary for your phone or iPad! Play with friends or a stranger and keep entertained at how great some people are and how poor others are at drawing!
  4. Nike Training Club– This app has multiple exercises ranging from beginner to advanced that are for the gym or home use. Exercising can help ward off depression and anxiety.
  5. HeyTell– This allows you to send a voicemail like message without bothering the person with a phone call. They can listen to the message whenever they have time and send one back to you!
  6. Instagram– This is a photo sharing app. Take pictures, use a cool filter on them, then post them to your account where your Instagram friends can see them!
  7. Skype –what is better than a phone call? A face to face chat! Also, iPhone4 and up have FaceTime but both parties need the iPhone. Also requires a camera.
  8. Kindle for iPhone and iPad – This is just like the e-readers! Friends and Family members with Amazon Kindle accounts can loan books for up to two weeks, and you can get books from your local library and share highlights and insights with friends.
  9. Scrabble with Friends – Love the game board? Here it is for you on your phone or iPad!
  10. Hanging with Friends – Hangman on the go. This app, like scrabble with friends and words with friends, allows you to play at your own pace but still be connected with family and friends.

All of these apps can be found in the Apple iTunes Store. As daunting as the winter months may seem, they do not have to be lonely! Help your senior download these apps today. They are simple to use and allow for an easy connection to other humans. After all, that is the key to staying happy and positive.

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