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A big problems facing seniors today is making sure that they’re protecting their funds from fraud. More than ever, scammers are developing creative methods to steal funds – especially from seniors who have accumulated assets over a lifetime through smart savings plans.

If you or an elderly person you know is wondering how to ensure that assets are secure, here are a few tips that money experts recommend:

Don’t trust too quickly. You can never be too careful. Check out a financial planner’s background thoroughly before giving him or her any access to your funds. is a great site that can help you determine whether an investment planner is trustworthy.

Watch out for variable and indexed annuities. Many financial experts recommend that seniors steer clear of annuities since these financial products with their high fees, holding periods and taxable nature are often not ideal for the elderly.

Get it in writing. Always get information on investment opportunities in writing before handing over any money. It’s also a good idea to take down address and company information and check it with the Better Business Bureau.

Beware of seminars. Many scam artists prey on seniors’ assets by holding special seminars to inform them of unbelievable investment opportunities. Seniors should be savvy when listening to these pitches. And remember – there’s no need to act quickly on an investment opportunity. Many scammers use time pressure to convince trusting people to hand over access to funds.

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